Glynis Lost 6.5 Pounds and 10 Inches in Her First Week!!

Congratulations to Our Client of the Week, Glynis!

Glynis Lost 6.5 Pounds and 10 Inches in Her First Week  – Live In Fitness

I was very fortunate to find my soulmate on the back half of life. We had met online, went out for a date, and then I stuck him in the friendzone for a year! But, we really were the best friends anyone could ever imagine. Vince was kind, funny, handsome, and fun to be with! And that’s when I realized we were meant to be. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with ALS, a neurodegenerative disease that is 100% fatal. I was my husband’s full time caregiver for the entire 13 months that he lived with ALS. As I made him high calorie, high fat foods to keep his weight up, I began to over do it. Then, when he passed away, I turned to food for any sort of comfort. I stopped being active… I just stopped. But, then one day in January, something occurred to me. Many of my current friends that are battling this disease have lost the ability to move their muscles or to eat foods, or even breathe. And I thought how unfair it was to them that wanted to be healthy and I was throwing my own health away. I did my research online and found Live In Fitness. What made me choose LIFE was the emphasis on the after care and home plan. Most people can lose weight under strict supervision, but the challenge is the after care at home. So, on my 48th birthday, I booked my 2 week stay!


Where are you from?
I live 20 mins south of San Francisco on the coast, steps away from the ocean


What is your career?
I own my own dog walking and pet sitting business. But due to the loss of Vince, I had to expand my business plan to include doggie daycare to make ends meet, ending my daily hikes and walks with my packs. And even though we still run around in daycare, the pups get the exercise and not me. So the pounds kept coming. And the long hours of a pet sitter kept me going to fast foods. And the pounds kept coming!


What did you expect when coming here to LIF?
I expected the food to be terrible, the classes to be painful and to feel a bit alone. NOT THE CASE! Food has been really yummy and filling. The classes have been hard but doable! Never in a million years did I think I could basically do 2 hours of Abs and Core work, but I did! I find it amazing what the body can do in just one week after being beaten up for the past 3 years!


How do you feel about your progress so far?
I am so glad that my hard work has paid off! I know we all want the instant gratification, but it doesn’t work that way, but, the small victories like losing 6 and a half pounds and 10 inches in the first week is a great victory!!!


What so far about the program has worked for you?
They make it very simple! Show up to class to work, sweat a ton, eat what they give you and keep hydrated! It’s simple! BUT BE PREPARED TO WORK HARD AND PUSH YOUR SELF! Your coaches will be there for you, but only YOU can truly push yourself!


How has this changed your outlook on Life?
I’ve had a few a-ha moments this week. First being if the body can change this quickly to be able to do all that we do here, imagine how long it must have fought to try and keep up with all the junk that I fed it and lack of motion. And the other came to me during a cardio class. I had looked down at my watch and thought to myself, wow, I have been working out for 48 mins!!! And then I realized that I had been doing that for the past 4 days but for 5-7 hours a day!!! I just burst into laughter!! I really don’t have anymore excuses as to why I can’t go to the gym or workout at home! Just 48 mins and then some!


What advice would you give others contemplating attending the program?
Give yourself the gift of life and love for your self! You have probably tended to others for a long time, this time is for you! And we all deserve it!!


What advise would you give to others?
My slogan has been: I’m here, I showed up and I’m ALIVE! My Motivation when I really need it in class, I think of all my ALS friends that would love to move their muscles and so that pushes me. So, I do this for them as well! I repeat to mysef, I will not waste my muscles!!


Glynis Live In Fitness


Glynis – Live In Fitness

You did an amazing job, Glyns! – Live In Fitness

The whole LIF team is so proud of you!!

Tanner Lost 8.5 Lbs in 1 Week “Any body type, Live In Fitness works!”

Client of the week,
Congratulations Tanner!
Live In Fitness helped Tanner become the best version of himself and lose 8.5 pounds in one week! From a busy athletic and career driven life, to being exhausted and experiencing ultimate burnout, Tanner chose Live In Fitness to get him back on the right path.


What do you do for a living?

“I work with my dad in shopping center development and we own a ranch as wellwhere we put on rodeos twice a year.“

When did you notice a weight pattern or change?

“My entire life I’ve been an athlete. Then about eight months ago I let all of that go and gained 45 pounds in those eight months.”

What made you stop being athletic?

“I was just tired of working so hard. I needed a break from everything including exercise. My drive was gone. So I just worked and kept to myself.”

How did it make you feel and affect your lifestyle?

“I was in a fog. I didn’t know what I really wanted. It was horrible. But coming here it’s like that fog has been lifted.”

What were you biggest struggles before coming here?

“Work getting in the way and lack of organization. Being at Live In Fitness has really restructured my views on my priorities back to where they used to be when life was better.”

Why did you choose LIF?

“My mom stayed at Live In Fitness a few weeks ago and fell in love with the place! When she came home she couldn’t stop raving about it and told me that it was perfect for me too. I came the following week.”

What did you expect when coming to LIF?

“I really didn’t know. I just showed up. But then the program started and it was perfect. I thought I was walking into half of what you offer, but expectations were exceeded by a longshot.”

How do you feel about your progress so far?

“I’m really happy. I’ve always been a person who has a delayed weight loss but the first week here I lost 8.5 pounds. For a guy that was so out of shape before he showed up, it was incredible.”

What has been a highlight of the program?

”The staff! Every time I see the coaches they stop and talk about the workouts, ask how I’m feeling, they’re always checking in. I feel like it’s always about me. It makes it so much easier when the trainers are this personable, that’s why I don’t miss any classes. I enjoy being around all of them!”

What did you enjoy about the program, classes, lectures, staff and clients?

“This is going to sound weird, but the first thing I enjoyed was how sore I was. I missed that feeling. It’s a good sore. I felt like an athlete again. Gaining that feeling back lit a fire in me. Also, all the information I get in the lectures from Eric, the nutritionist, the chef. They explain so much. I was only supposed to be here for one week but I extended my stay so I could soak up even more information. I wanted to double down on the program because it’s great!”

What makes the coaches here different?

“The coaches are amazing. They cater to everybody and deal with some of the fittest people I’ve ever met and some of the most out of shape people. They are able to give individual attention to each person here and push each person. I’ve never worked out this hard in my life and I’ve been an athlete my entire life.”

How has this changed your outlook on life?

“I am so much happier. The brain fog that I was experiencing has lifted. Before I could only see a few feet in front of me and was constantly lying to myself about my health and being overweight. But now I can see a lot clearer. I have ten times as much energy and drive than I did before. I’m my favorite version of myself.”

What advice would you give others contemplating attending the program?

“Just come! I was scared. I thought I was too out of shape to come here. When I got here I realized that I was capable of so much more than I thought and that was because of the trainers. If I was home there is no way I could have done this on my own. It gave me the jumpstart that I needed and the tools to take home to keep it going. If you think you can’t take a week off, or can’t do it, trust me when I say YES YOU CAN! And you’ll thank me for recommending it. I would recommend this place from anyone! Any body type or level of fitness, Live In Fitness works!”


Tanner, congratulations again from all of us at Live In Fitness! You should be so incredibly proud of the world that you put into the program!

When It Came time to Choose a Vacation, Hugh Chose a Renewed LIFE Instead

When It Came time to Choose a Vacation, Live In Fitness

We’ve all been there. After a day of hard work and day to day stressors, nothing sounds better than an indulgent comforting meal and relaxing in front of the television. That is, until it catches up with you. This is what happened to Hugh. Until he made a commitment to himself and decided that he wanted to be healthier for himself and his family. Take a look at how Hugh was able to change his life and the tools he acquired during his stay at Live in Fitness.

Vacation Live In Fitness

Tell us a little about yourself:

“My wife and I lived in Chicago for 26 years and raised our 4 children there, then 5 years ago moved to the Salt Lake valley. I’ve worked as a consultant and then business manager at a law firm.  Then, when we moved to Salt Lake, my wife and I opened an Elements Massage Studio. In that time, we’ve gone from 5 rooms and 6 massage therapists to 15 rooms and over 30 therapists. It has kept us very busy.”

Wow! What amazing success! Sounds like the growth of your business was a lot to handle! When did you notice a weight pattern or change?  

“Using our savings to open and grow a new business from scratch is stressful!  I found myself stress-eating as well as eating fast food to save time. Also, I really enjoy all kinds of sweets and desserts.”

How did this method of handling stress make you feel and affect your lifestyle?

“After a while, I began to notice a steep drop in energy and ambition. After a long day with the business, I just wanted to sit in my easy chair, watch TV, and of course, snack.  Last year I had to go on blood pressure medication and this year I’m turning 60. I’d tried dieting and exercising on my own, but I could never get it going for more than a week or 2 at the most.  I knew I had to do change something or I was going to really be in trouble.”

What are you biggest struggles when it comes to healthy living?  

“As I said earlier, sweets (think donuts), fast food and too little exercise.  Beyond that, I lacked the commitment and belief I could really do it. Eating right and especially exercise just seemed to take too much time and effort.”

Why did you choose Live in Fitness to help you in your fitness journey?  

“As our business life settled down a bit, my wife and I decided we’d go on a cruise.  It was then she asked me a very vital question, “Are you sure that going on a cruise with all that food 24/7 and sitting around is what you should be doing?”  I had heard of fitness camps and occasionally thought about them, but this time I got on the internet, did my research and then asked her what she thought about me doing that instead (She’s in good shape).  To my surprise, she readily agreed. I chose Live In Fitness because it was NOT a spa, but a real health camp that worked you, fed you right and most importantly, had a strong emphasis on building a workable plan for when you went home.”

What did you expect when coming to Live in Fitness?  

“To be honest, I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but what I found here at Live in Fitness is what I hoped it would be.  A place with firm, but helpful coaches who work you to your personal max while at the same time helping you understand the basics of how to do a good workout.  I’m also very happy with how they tailor the meals to each camper and teach nutrition. I was afraid I’d feel hungry all the time, but that has not been the case at all.  The meals are very filling, and the snacks keep the hunger away. It has been much easier to stick to the diet than I thought.”

How do you feel about your progress so far? 

“VERY ENCOURAGED! I’ve lost 14lbsgone down a belt notch, improved on all my test exercises and at the start of the day, have much more energy.  All in one week. (I’m still beat at the end of the day, but that’s what I’m shooting for.) My wife and children are proud of me as well.

What about the program has worked for you so far?  

Really, all of it.  The controlled diet, the variety of exercises and the encouragement to give it my all in every class.  The lectures are very helpful, and the other campers all seem to be friendly and supportive.”

What do you enjoy about the program, classes, lectures, staff and clients?  

“First, I have found that they all work together to change both your life while here and to prepare you to go back home with a new life style.  The coaches are friendly, informative and supportive. The classes are designed to work EVERY muscle and/or increase your flexibility. The lectures really focus on what you need to know and do when you leave (something I was really looking for) and the staff are very helpful and cheerful.  I was also very pleased on how friendly and supportive the other clients are. Some come in already in great shape trying to gain a further edge and others have months of effort in front of them just to get into normal shape again, but we all pull together to support and encourage each other.  There isn’t any judgment here for past mistakes, just optimism for what the future can hold.”

How has this changed your outlook on life?  

“After working this hard and seeing what can be achieved, taking care of myself has moved up to being a top priority in my life.  I’m not going to waste this effort and work when I get back. Also, I’m going to be around to play with my grandchildren and go on active adventures with my wife–  she’ll love that!”

What advice would you give others contemplating attending the program?  

“Look at your life now and if you’re not happy with your size and health, come here and really do something about it.  You truly can’t put a price on good health. I also believe it will help you be more successful in all other areas of your life.”

“You only have one life, make it the best by being your best.  Stop thinking about it and just do it!”

Client of the Week Chuck!!

Chuck lost an amazing 13 lbs in his first week at Live In Fitness, and 22 lbs in 3 weeks! As well as some other amazing changes, such as his blood sugar levels have dropped and his blood pressure has also improved! Congratulations, Chuck, on being our Client of the Week!!

Chuck is an Army Veteran and retired construction laborer from Lake Sherwood, MO. He began to notice a steady weight increase around his retirement time, five years ago, due to the new inactivity of his lifestyle change. Now he had the much deserved time to enjoy life, but in actuality his quality of life began to suffer. About a year ago his Doctor prescribed high blood pressure medicine, and he was warned that he was becoming borderline diabetic. He tried for a time to exercise and eat healthy, but after sitting around for months procrastinating, he was officially diagnosed with diabetes, while also developing shortness of breath in his limited but everyday movement. Something had to change, so he reached out to Live In Fitness Retreat.

Chuck Live In Fitness

Why did you choose Live In Fitness?

“I had actually been considering a Fitness Camp for a few years and researched many camps. Luckily a year ago I put myself on the email list for LIF, because I had decided that they looked to have the best reviews and be reasonably priced as well. I found myself waiting to get their emails to see others success stories. I really wasn’t sure what to expect before coming here, but knew it was definitely time for me to do something. I know now that after only one week that I made the right choice. I am amazed at my progress in only one week! I can even exercise without running out of breath. My blood sugar levels have dropped and my blood pressure has also improved. I hope after getting home and seeing my Doctor, that my prescribed medications are reduced.”


What have you enjoyed most about the Live In Fitness program?

“The program is fantastic!! The staff and coaches are welcoming, friendly, always smiling and go out of their way to help everyone. The chefs deserve a special recognition. The meals are prepared by an outstanding crew who are easy to talk to and offer you help and advice. As far as the other clients that are here, everyone is here for the same reason and we know it and support one another. I have made friends that I plan to stay in touch with after I go home.  I truly feel that with the kick start that I’ve got here, that I can, and will, be able to continue my journey to a better and healthier life at home.

If you are now or have ever considered a Fitness, Weight loss, and Lifestyle camp don’t be like me and put it off until your health and quality of life gets any worse. DO IT NOW. It’s even fun and Live In Fitness is located in beautiful Long Beach. What better location for  a morning boot camp than on the beach. Walk or bike ride along the beach. Again, DO IT NOW, you won’t regret it.


Chuck you are an inspiration to many.
From our Team, you win our badge of honor!

Chuck – Live In Fitness

‘Client of the Week’ Sam Lost 8 Lbs in Her First Week!!

Be Inspired to choose your destiny in life.

Congratulations to Sam, our Live In Fitness ‘Client of the Week’ who lost 8 lbs in her first week!!


Sam chose an 8 week program with Live In Fitness, but her success story is more of a LIF Journey and a path which has just began. Sam is currently a full time student who also works with children that have mental illnesses and developmental disabilities. Sam is from Kansas City and grew up with a lot of turmoil and pain in her teenage years, causing her to internalize her emotions. Like many, she found comfort in food by emotional eating, to fill something she could not seem to find in her everyday life. Her mother was tragically murdered when she was 15, leaving her world turned upside down.

Sam had always enjoyed sports, riding, and was undefeated in her national tennis tournaments. At 25 she was ready to turn her life around. Whilst attending a fitness camp she met Judy, who became her mentor, her guidance, a voice of reason and wisdom. They has such an instant bond and connection, Judy later went on to adopt Sam and her life path changed forever.

Sam turned 30 whilst here at the Live In Fitness Program. She missed out on her adolescent life experiences, but she was going to make sure her 30’s were about her and what she could achieve. She was tired of not fitting into the seats at amusement parks. She was ready to make her lifestyle change and came to LIF with Judy and family friend Susan to learn, re-educate, and make it happen. She realized it was easier to be negative than have a positive attitude. The fear of failure or a sense of not being worthy were thoughts of the past.


Sam Live In Fitness


When asked why did you choose Live In Fitness?
I came to LIF as a safe place to reset. I have been on countless diets but lacked the motivation to follow through, ultimately allowing the temptations of life to win. It’s my time. At Live In Fitness I am given a specific meal plan and guide and am with like minded people all trying to better their lives. I knew the expectations and appreciated the accountability. The coaches and staff are invested in me and the goals I strive to achieve. I have displayed every emotion from sadness to happy and realize it’s OK. I feel a difference in my body even after a short time. I can run a little faster, lift heavier and I weigh less..


When asked, what have you enjoyed the most at Live In Fitness?
I enjoy the classes and am inspired by the Coaches. The classes are challenging and the staff are very knowledgeable and are ready to answer any question I may have. Modifications are given when needed and they know exactly when to push you beyond your potential.

During a lecture, Eric Viskovicz the owner and renowned Life Coach said something that will always resonate with me. “The way you speak to yourself is so, so important. We deserve self validation and respect and we are worth it. ”

I have always been hard on myself, seeking out my flaws and tearing myself down. This would lead to self defeat and depression. The things I would tell myself I would never say to another. After reading Eric’s ‘Power of 4′ LIF Workbook, I have started to work on my emotional triggers and mental state and well being, realizing that I am deserving. I feel empowered and ready.

When asked, what advice would you give others?
Immerse yourself in the program. Attend the classes and always reach out to your coach or team member if your struggling. Taking control and changing your life is hard but your worth it.

My favorite Quote:

“She was unstoppable not because she did not have “Failures” or “Doubts” but because she continued on despite them.”

Sam, you are a courageous, strong, and beautiful young lady who has chosen to live your life to the fullest. By choosing this path of a healthy lifestyle and healthy heart you have opened your world to such opportunity and possibility. We are excited to see what your future holds!

We are all so proud of you!!