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Meal plan and nutrition

the beauty behind the food

the beauty behind the food

we serve delicious healthy incredible food

Let’s be honest, you are what you eat! That is why here at Live in Fitness we have experienced chefs who create food that is just as delicious as it is healthy!

Using the fitness test results from your arrival, they can figure out exactly what food, portion size, and macronutrients are appropriate for your individual needs. Each and every one of your meals will be weighed out to the exact grams of protein, carbohydrates, and fats to ensure you achieve amazing results! You will learn to love eating healthy while discovering that nutrition can be fun and exciting! By the time you leave Live in Fitness, you will want to eat healthy for the rest of your life! Healthy tastes delicious!

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nutrition lectures

It’s one thing to eat healthy while attending a fitness retreat or fat camp, but it can be easy to go back to your bad habits when you get home! The reality is many people have never learned how to prepare meals for themselves in a healthy and effective manner. Most fitness retreats let you leave without ever giving you the tools and training for what type of food is good for you at home when you leave. Live in Fitness prides itself on preparing you for the real world! Included in your stay, we give effective nutrition lectures and workshops that are designed to give the resources necessary for long-term weight loss success! We want you to be able to leave our facility feeling like you have the knowledge and effective training on what nutrition is, and how it works best for you!

culinary workshops

Live in Fitness prides itself on being different from other programs out there. We teach you how to prepare food in a healthy way at home after leaving our program! Along with the nutrition lectures, we include culinary workshops that teach you how to cook healthily at home! You will learn and discover how to create sane and sensible portions, balance protein and carbs, and cooking techniques that add flavor to your dishes without increasing the calories and fat! This is also all included in our incredible after care program with FitClubTV. You will leave with the discovery of how to prepare and eat healthy food for years to come! 

dining experience

We believe that if you do not enjoy eating healthy food, then you won’t stick with the program. A positive attitude towards your diet goes a long way! Our incredible chefs make this possible by making healthy food taste delicious! Because of this, your stay at Live in Fitness will be an unforgettable experience. We truly believe you will experience some of the best food you have ever had in your life while at our retreat!   

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