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Suzanne’s Life-Changing Journey to Self-Love and Wellness

fitness retreat

Live in Fitness Retreat Changed Suzanne's Life!

fitness retreat
Suzanne, 51, from Long Island, New York is on a self-love journey to be the best she can be. Getting to know Suzanne’s story and her “why,” has been about putting herself first. She has also worked on her inner self to make sure it matches all the work she’s put into her physical body. I’m thrilled to share her story as I hope that it inspires those who need self-love and need to know they deserve nothing but the best.

Suzanne searched 
Live in Fitness in hopes that it’ll give her the challenge she needed, “I searched online for fitness retreats for adults. I’ve been on yoga retreats before, and I enjoyed them. I wanted something more challenging. I did yoga for years and wanted different results for my body. I knew I had to find something like this, something new.”

Looking at Suzanne, you wouldn’t think she had previous struggles with her weight. With a deeper dive into her story, some fluctuations and triggers have been the culprit, “I’ve experienced 15-pound fluctuations. It affected my life. Some of my triggers have been feeling lonely. I would become reclusive. I wouldn’t want to go out or meet with my friends. I didn’t want to socialize. Then, I would think ‘What can I offer to people?’ I’ve become comfortable being alone now, but in the process of adjusting, I wasn’t. My mindset has changed over the years though. I don’t play the victim role anymore. I’m kind and gentle to myself. I’ll allow myself to feel something and a certain way. I don’t beat myself up anymore. I used to. The beatings to my mental well-being would lead me to binge eat and not care. It’s not all about the weight loss, the interior piece matters to me because I feel it ripples through.”

fitness retreat
Her expectations before her arrival were the expectations of what an athlete’s mindset would perceive, “I expected the camaraderie with the other clients. I knew I would perform at a higher level since I was previously athletic. I didn’t know how hard I would be willing to push myself. As I got here, I saw everything was customized to you. I thought to myself, this is the opportunity of a lifetime. This is specific to me and my goals and what I was willing to do to get to them. It was in front of me, and I had to think to myself, ‘Enjoy it, push as hard as I can so I can get the results I want.’ I don’t take shortcuts or quit at things so on day one, 110%. As a young child, my coaches would say, the first time you quit or give up on something, it always comes as an option for the future.”

Suzanne has been giving her 110% ever since she got here. With that work ethic, she got the results she wanted. She shares how she feels about her progress thus far, “I’m thrilled. I’m happy. Psyched. I’m not super surprised since I know what I can do. When Eric goes through results with the clients and makes recommendations or tweaks to get you further to your goals, it feels like he cares and Live in Fitness cares about their clients. They want us to succeed. This dude has been living it his whole life. His passion for this stuff comes through. It’s incredible. I would recommend it to anyone.”

Eric, the president of Live in Fitness, has made this program with intricate detail and it has helped many achieve their goals. Suzanne shares what has helped her so far, “The balanced meals to your specific meal plan of carbs, fats, and proteins. Food was my biggest obstacle at home to understand. I love physical activity. The homeostasis and how we can achieve that if there’s balance with sleep, food, workouts, and internal dialogue. These components need to be together. There can’t be a singular thing without the other. You must pay attention. Nobody else can do it for you, you must want it for yourself.”
fitness retreat
“My opinion on Eric’s philosophies to coaching and approach to fitness is that I completely trust his years of experience. All kinds of professional teams he’s helped. I agree with what he says. I think it’s simple when you break it down. It doesn’t have to be complicated. You follow your meal plan with specific macros. You fuel your body. You fuel your muscles, and your body will do you. To perform, you must maintain your body.”
There is plenty to enjoy here at Live in Fitness. All exercises don’t have to be all serious, it can be fun! Suzanne explains what she has enjoyed about the program thus far, “The coaching is fun. The music is great. I love the atmosphere. The workouts are intense. The way the coaches are supportive. How Jermaine, the general manager, helps the program run smoothly. The testing was spectacular. No stress whatsoever. The hikes are beautiful. Starting the day with a hike is awesome. The park boot camp and “butts and gutts” are great! My favorite dishes have been the flank steak chimichurri, taco Tuesday, lox and bagel, the breakfast burrito, and the salmon and grapefruit salad.”
>Her advice to others contemplating taking control of their lives and attending here is specific and to the point, “Don’t think twice about it. Invest in yourself. It’ll be the best investment because the results are guaranteed if you work for it. You get out what you put in. Do it!”
Inspired by Suzanne’s incredible journey? Don’t wait any longer. With Eric’s signature program, you’ll finally see guaranteed results. Take the first step towards a healthier, happier you by calling us today. Your transformation begins now!
With these philosophies in place, exercise doesn’t always have to be serious. It can be fun and exciting! The program delivers so many thrilling factors that can continuously improve your adherence to stay on your customized program when you go home. Alise shares some of her favorite things from her time at LIF, “ The staff are incredible, friendly, caring and motivating.  I loved learning about their backgrounds and  what brought them here to LIF to coach.  The nutrition lectures were invaluable as I’ve only lost weight on restrictive type diets.  Now I know I can eat real food and feel satisfied AND LOSE FAT.”

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