For 25 years we have been using science to back our program. Our state-of-the-art fitness and scientific testing can determine the exact gram of protein, the exercise routine, and how many pounds of lean mass we are putting on. In short, we are one of the only places in the world that can measure success accurately and use this information to formulate a prescription for our client. We call this customization.


We do this because, unlike other fitness and weight loss programs, Live in Fitness understands that everyone has different fitness, nutrition, and behavioral needs. We want to ensure that you have the safest, most efficient path to achieving your goals.


When you first get to Live In Fitness, you will undergo a series of evaluations and assessments. These are designed to figure out the best ways to help you meet your goals.


Once you have undergone your testing, our nutritionist and culinary experts will design a healthy meal plan designed for your unique needs. Your coach will then start to create a workout program to help you get into shape safely and effectively. Over the course of your stay, you will be tested several times to monitor your progress. Your dining and exercise regimens will be modified according to your results.

hydrostatic body fat test

Hydrostatic body fat testing is the most accurate and technologically advanced method available to determine your body fat percentage. We take lean mass measurement to help customize your individual macronutrients. Our hydrostatic body fat testing tank measures lean mass and ensures that you are losing pure fat, not water weight or muscle. Most diets and programs focus on weight loss, not fat loss. We ensure that the program is customized to make sure you are maximizing fat loss.


The Resting Metabolic Rate Test (RMR) determines the amount of energy (calories) your body is using at rest. This measurement is made by analyzing the amount of oxygen your body uses and the amount of carbon dioxide your body produces. This allows us to set accurate individualized calorie targets to help you lose fat, gain muscle, or maintain your weight. We can then customize the amount of macronutrients to maximize success and measure your metabolic process.


When the body redlines and oxygen can not be consumed aerobically, the body has to work anaerobically. We test that point, (also called the VO2 Max). VO2 Max is valuable, as it can be a guide in seeing which workouts burn calories aerobically verses anaerobically. This test can determine what is that the most effective routine for your body in terms of meeting potential weight loss verses actual weight loss. In addition, VO2 Max can give us a guide to macronutrients. Especially when it come to protein and macronutrient calculations.

full body scan

Our Fit Scan is a 360 degree view of your body and problem areas. It will show you all you need to know about what improvement needs to be made. It will show you a posture that is off from a scientific cross balance imaging standpoint.

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