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Marc’s Incredible Transformation

Marc M Incredible Transformation: 17 lbs Fat Lost, 3.63 lbs Muscle Gained

Marc M., 60, from Amsterdam, Netherlands, came here on a clear mission on what needed to be done to get him closer to his goals. Marc came about Live in Fitness from an online search, “The program was presented online. It seemed to fit my nutrition, mindset, and exercise objectives. I was out of shape; I was 30% body fat weighing 186 pounds. I had to do something about it!”

Marc describes the culprit of his weight gain: “Work was taking too big of a place in my life. I did not have a work-life balance. I wasn’t preserving the me time. Especially for exercise. During the week, I ate healthy. The weekend is where it got tricky. I didn’t realize the damage with calories being stored. Too much fat and too much alcohol was being consumed. When you go over a certain calorie intake, the rest is getting stored as fat.”

>He elaborates further on how weight gain is affected his self-worth, “I felt about myself. I was less confident. My mindset was negative. It went into a downward spiral of ‘I’m weak, I’m not strong, it took a toll. I thought not being able to move and being able to lose weight was normal and was a part of getting older. I thought I had to accept it, but I remembered I wanted to live long and I wanted longevity. If you don’t have your health, then you don’t live long.”

>Marc vulnerably shares his struggles, “I had less energy, not being a morning person and working long days. I would be in my car, going to the gym, but I would always make excuses not to go. I would always think going back home on those long days, I should reward myself with good food.”

>Those who come to Live in Fitness, have some pre-existing expectations on what will happen when they get here. Marc shares what those expectations, if any, were, “I didn’t know what to expect. I was in the worst shape of my life. I just threw myself at the program. It was truly a shock to my system. I had sore knees, I looked for some pity from Eric. But he would always encourage me to ice it and come back. You get out what you put into the program. I wanted to make the most out of my time here, really internalizing the program so I can duplicate it when I get home. The challenge is always applying it when you go home. I have a set plan when I go home. The key is nutrition and finding time to do exercise and lift the weights.”

Marc’s progress is a huge testament to how he brought the fire every single day, always moving, always grooving, “I’m very happy. Been reaching my calorie target every day.” Having certain calorie goals every day, one can achieve so many pounds lost at the end of the week. With this program being intricately designed by Eric Viskovicz, the philosophies and approaches to fitness are applied every single day. Marc describes how he feels about these approaches, “it’s the gold standard. After 30 years of being in business and extreme research, it’s a science. All the testing he does here, it’s top tier.”

There is a vast variety that goes into this program, from different classes to different meals being presented every day. Marc shares some of his highlights and favorites during his time here, “The variation with the food is delicious. The lectures are great, the variety of exercises, and finally, the coaches are very motivational. They keep us up, the energy, the morale, and the hikes are the best!! Can’t forget the hikes. Some of my favorite dishes that the chef presented were yogurt with chia seeds with honey and coconut, pancakes and sausage, and the strawberry, blueberry, goat cheese salad with chicken was amazing! We had a curry bowl today. So fresh!”

Finally, as a farewell piece of advice, Marc shares his wisdom for those who are still contemplating changing their lives for the better, “Make the time. Do a minimum of three weeks if you can! The first week is a challenge. The second week you’re going to feel stronger, the third week, internalize the program and see the results in front of your eyes! Make time for yourself. This is a huge gift, you deserve it!”

Ready to start your own transformation? Join Marc and countless others who have achieved their fitness goals with the support of Live in Fitness and the Fit Culture App. With personalized training, nutrition guidance, and a community to motivate you, the Fit Culture App makes it easier than ever to take control of your health. Download the Fit Culture App today and begin your journey to a healthier, happier you! Connect with us today to start your path to wellness. Together, we’ll bring your vision of a healthier, more vibrant you to life. Our team is committed to standing by you at every step, offering the encouragement and tools you need to succeed. Why wait for a new beginning? Contact us now, and let’s turn your dream into your reality. Your best self awaits!

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