The term Fat Camp has been around a long time. In recent years it’s become a taboo term. In reality there isn’t much difference in Fat Camps vs Fitness Camps. So you shouldn’t let the name scare you off. Most modern camps serve the same function: achieve the body you desire in the healthiest way possible. Here are 5 misconceptions about Fat Camps.

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1. Fat Camps are for kids. Though the term “Fat Camp” or “Fat Farm” once referred to camps for over weight children this is no longer the case. The majority of people choosing to travel and stay in fitness camps are adults. Adults are making the choice to get healthier in a controlled setting together in record numbers.

2. Fat Camps focus on beauty rather than health. In the 1970s this was very much the case. Children and adults signed up for camps that focused on how to make you as skinny as possible in the least about of time while many of the time sacrificing the client’s health and mental well being. This is not how modern camps work. Camps pride themselves on finding the best, healthiest solution for getting each person the help they need to lose weight.

3. It’s only about exercise. This is also not true. Though a large percentage of the time spent at camp is to exercise a big portion of your time will be devoted to nutrition and behavioral development. You have to get your mind and your eating right if you’re going to keep the weight off.

4. It’s like boot camp for civilians. Though it is important to push you to your absolute limits at times to get to that next level we will never shame you or bring you down as an attempt to motivate you. Our job is to inspire and encourage you to do your best.

5. It’s only for people who are overweight. Fat Camp or Fat Farm doesn’t mean FAT PEOPLE CAMP. It’s for people who have the weight they want to lose and to become a healthier human being. People who aren’t necessarily overweight still frequent fitness camps to get healthier, stronger, and get the body they envision themselves having.

Remember the most important thing about choosing a camp isn’t what it’s called but that it helps you reach your goals in a productive, healthy, and satisfying way. Live In Fitness prides itself on doing that and much much more. Check out our testimonials and Youtube for more information on what we have to offer!!

How Fitness Improves Our Lives

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Typically when thinking about improving our health and fitness we tend to imagine the end results as it pertains to our physical appearance. Whether it’s shedding a few pounds, body building, or trying to eat better most of us envision a better looking person in the mirror at the end of the day. What a lot of us fail to realize until we’re on the other side of getting healthy is the mental and life benefits to fitness training. At Live in Fitness Camp we make sure you focus on your mental and physical health equally.

Here are 4 ways working out can help you beyond your typical physical fitness:

1. Rebound From a Tragedy
Depression is one of the worst mindsets a person can find themselves in. A failed relationship, loss of a loved one, unemployment, etc can take a lot out of a person and make things seem hopeless. The most important thing you can remember during this time is you have to keep moving forward. As bad as things may seem it’s important to never give up. Fitness training teaches you hard work and dedication. It also also you to apply yourself to a set structure and start piecing you life back together.

2. It Demands Discipline
We all know, and if you don’t YOU SHOULD, that a healthy, fit body doesn’t come easy or quickly. It takes a long period of hard work and sticking to your routine to develop your body to fit your goals. Getting up early, eating correctly, and going to the gym all take a level of determination. But sticking to it for weeks, months, and even years takes a certain focus that can help you in ever aspect of your life.

3. Stress Relief
It’s hard to stress about anything in your day to day life while you’re in the middle of a work out. It’s a great way to center your focus and flush out the anxiety of daily life. A regular work out routine can see your weekly stress levels drop drastically.

4. Connect with others
Gyms are full of people. It’s a great opportunity to make friends and meet people. People are more likely to make friends in the gym than anywhere. Experts agree the gym is filled with likeminded people and is a great source of camaraderie for anyone willing to reach out. Make friends, set work out dates and other activities. As with all other activities doing it with a friend makes it easier, more fun, and more likely to continue to happen as you’re being held accountable by another person.

There are many reasons fitness training can benefit you beyond just your body. These are only a few and you may find on your journey there are countless other benefits along the way. Take a chance and a step towards a newer, better, YOU!

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