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Gaby Live In Fitness –

Having been an athletic person all her life, Gaby was no stranger to strenuous physical activity. She had a passion for soccer that only grew with the years and became not only a major part of her life but her favorite pastime.  Unfortunately, Gaby suffered a set back in her life that would pose her to abandon her routine lifestyle of health and fitness for one of isolation and defeat. This setback caused Gaby to gain a tremendous amount of weight so quickly that before she knew it she was overweight. Unable to recognize herself Gaby was now faced with a major challenge. The most difficult part was trying to asses were to start piecing the parts of her life back together. She knew that her weight gain was as much psychological as it was physical. LIFE became not only a weight loss camp for her but a place where she could talk to onsite psychologists and trainers to help her get over the mental and physical hurdles that were holding her back. Incredibly enough Gaby did much more than overcome her obstacles, she went on to win the biggest looser competition at LIFE rendering her a plaque among the participants that had managed to make such a drastic life changing achievement in so short of a time.

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Sally Live In Fitness

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It all starts with a need then comes the desire and the courage to make the first step. Live In Fitness provides everything you need to stay strong along the way, but it’s you the one who makes the difference, it’s you the one that will stand at the end of the road proud of your hard work. Looking back at those old days that have got you here and more then ever, willing to live.

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