Victor Lost 8 Pounds In 1 Week

Victor is a 61-year-old Resort Development Businessman from Vancouver, Canada. He has struggled with his weight ever since he was young. As he got older, he would notice a pattern of gaining and losing weight in a cycle of 6 months. During his career, he noticed that his work was causing him to be off-balance with his own health. This started to cause Victor to feel defeated and mentally drained. “The biggest struggle I had through it all was binge eating while watching TV.” -Victor. In 2011, Victor had a breaking point where he wanted to change and found the Live in Fitness Program online. He then met Eric V. and absorbed outstanding knowledge on weight loss and nutrition! He realized that in order to get incredible results he has to move his body. At live in fitness, we do 5-7 hours of exercise that is paced to my body- what I can do. Victor has come back to LIF in 2021 and needed a new perspective on his own health again. He is “The Hiking King” Trainer Sarah’s nickname for him. Coming back to LIF, he has gained more knowledge on his food intake and lean mass. “The food, exercise classes, and lectures have helped me gain more mental clarity!” -Victor.