The Fat Burning Food Expert


Chef Miguel Rueda IV is the Chef De Cuisine at Live In Fitness he is responsible for developing our fat burning food menus, measuring the macro nutrients of each client’s specific meal plan, as well as continuing to grow the culinary operations of Live In Fitness in Phoenix, AZ. Chef Miguel did not attend any traditional culinary school but instead climbed his way through the ranks, earning his way to the top. Chef Miguel has worked all over the Phoenix /  Scottsdale area with some of the most well known Chefs in the Nation.


When starting out in the Hospitality Industry Chef’s first job was as a dishwasher, far from learning about fat burning foods and dishes! After gaining the experience and working under great mentors his fist cooking job was given to him by the renowned Fox Restaurant Concepts as a Line Cook at Zinburger Biltmore. He eventually helped open Zinburger Scottsdale where he was one of the few to bring home the Burger Battle Trophy. After his career at Zinburger he moved on to work for The Henry.


After some time the corporate life of following procedures & specific measurements just wasn’t satisfying enough so he obtained an apprenticeship under well known Chef Michael Rusconi of Rusconi’s American Kitchen. This is where he was truly put to the test in a 100% scratch kitchen in a high volume restaurant with no prep cooks in a classic French technique driven environment. This is where he became the Chef he is today and this is also what gave him the opportunity to be featured in Phoenix Magazine!

“When the cooks are doing all of the knife work, sauces, on top the quality checking for their own stations there starts to become a different kind of accountability & pride that sets in.”


After his amazing apprenticeship he felt confident enough to go his own way. He decided to move on to start paving a way for his own name in Phoenix. Today you can find him here at Live In Fitness, yet again being challenged to make good food, healthier and tastier! He is an expert at calculating macros and creating a plate with the very best fat burning foods.

“The way I have been effective with helping the clients is by showing them how to make everyday foods that they love into the healthiest possible version. We all know how to eat healthy but we either don’t like to or flat out don’t want to, if I can show you how to eat the really bad stuff that we love but teach you how to transform them into something similar, lower in fat, then you will be successful after leaving the program.”


Another great quality to our chef is his care for the Phoenix Community.

“One of the ways we give back to the community is we have partnered with Paradise Valley Emergency Food Bank to donate all of our left over food. In the first month alone we have already donated over 100 pounds of food.”


Come meet our amazing Chef and learn how to eat the very best fat burning foods! He’s even working on a program to help you with meal planning.

“During my time here I have been working on a lot of after care modules for this program one of which is a meal prep program so STAY TUNED. “

Fat Camp Friends
Tricia (left) & Gilda (right) at fat camp/fit camp

Fat Camp Stories:

Losing Weight Is Easy When You Do It With A Friend!


Gilda & Tricia both visited our California fat camp, or should we say fit camp, but met this Summer at our Arizona resort and sparked an instant friendship by being supporting, motivating and accountable to each other and having fun with it at the same time.

Tricia is a registered nurse, wife and mother to two children and travelled from Thousand Oaks, Ca.  She mentioned that she had visited several wellness programs in the past, to use as a reset button when life started to feel out of balance. But it wasn’t until finding Live In Fitness that she found a program that worked for her. She chose Live-in-Fitness not only because of the structure of the program but also the camaraderie and support she received from the team and fellow clients.

Gilda is a retired systems engineer and substitute teacher.  She is a mother of 2, grandmother of 6 and also a great grandmother.  Gilda’s has always struggled with fluctuating weight, she always lost the weight but she struggled with maintaining it. So, she wanted to come to Live In Fitness to live life to the fullest and decided to make a lifestyle change.  Fully invested and knowing it takes time to break a habit, Gilda used her savings to invest, enrich and save her life!


weight loss at fat camp

Here’s what they had to say about the Arizona program!


When asked, what do you like about the new location in Arizona?

This is such a great location.  The intimacy of being in one location,  the facility all under one roof creates a stronger connection and accountability.  The team involvement with every aspect of the program is great, its honestly more than just a fat camp.  Eric truly cares about each client, speaks the truth and is very motivating in lectures and as a coach.  Being able to explore and enjoy the stunning views on the hikes, trails and neighborhood.


Have you been happy with your results?

Tricia- “I choose these programs as a preventative measure for myself.  Two years ago I came to LIF and weighed 157 lbs.  I am currently leaving the program weighing 138 lbs, losing over 10lbs and gaining over 3 lbs of muscle. My endurance and stamina have improved considerably on the hikes and I have enjoyed completing several of the advanced classes knowing that I crushed it and was given the nickname ‘Turbo Trish’”


Gilda- “Initially my goal was to be 135 lbs and a size 8 until I discovered my current lean mass is 130 lbs after taking a hydrostatic dunk test.  My new goal is still a size 8-10 with a goal weight of 160 lbs. Having lost 18 lbs of fat so far and overcome several of my personal challenges and goals.  I feel so much stronger, I am able to get up & down from the floor and tie my shoes. I’ve overcome a recent fall that shattered my confidence by gaining strength and knowledge.  My new goals include: lowering my blood pressure, holding a plank and completing a full sit up.  Live-in-Fitness provides the right balance of nutrition, exercise, support and motivation.”


fat camp friend


What are your favorite aspects of the program?

The great additions of Dr Mike and Chef Miguel with his delicious and healthy meals served fresh every day. The friendships you build and the support system that is created.


What advice would you give to someone contemplating a program like LIF?

You have to want to work hard for your health, mental well being and wellness. Trust the process and trust the program, it really works.  No more excuses….


Tricia likes to attend fitness programs by herself so as not to lose focus on her goals.  This time she is leaving after finding a special bond and friendship with Gilda.  Gilda was afraid to do the program by herself but found that strength in a friendship with Tricia, a friendship for life. This isn’t a Fat Camp, this is a Fit Camp!