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Whole grains contain enough fiver to keep you fuller for longer, it has the three parts of the grain kernel and it can be very beneficial for your health tackling bad cholesterol thanks to the fiver. Different case is the refined grain or better known as gluten free which typically have the germ and bran removed, leaving it only with the endosperm. This last also has it’s benefits, for example, for people with celiac disease, a gluten-free diet is essential. This is one of the secrets found at the fat camps and fitness retreats. 

Emmer, an ancient strain of wheat, was one of the first cereals ever domesticated in the Fertile Crescent, and centuries later, it served as the standard daily ration of the Roman legions. But over the centuries, emmer was gradually abandoned in favor of durum wheat, which is easier to hull.

By the beginning of the 20th century, higher-yielding wheat strains had replaced emmer almost everywhere, except in Ethiopia, where emmer still constitutes about 7% of the wheat grown.

In Italy – and increasingly throughout the world – emmer is known as farro or grano farro or farro medio (“medium farro”) and is staging a comeback as a gourmet specialty. Semolina flour made from emmer is still used today for special soups and other dishes in Tuscany and Umbria, and farro is thought by some aficionados to make the best pasta.

Millet is not just one grain but the name given to a group of several small related grains that have been around for thousands of years and are found in many diets around the world. They include pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum), foxtail millet (Setaria italica), proso millet (Panicum miliaceum), finger millet / ragi (Eleucine coracana), and fonio (Digitaria exilis).

In fact, millets are the leading staple grains in India, and are commonly eaten in China, South America, Russia and the Himalayas. Now people in the United States are beginning to realize what they’ve been missing!  Millet’s incredible versatility means it can be used in everything from flatbreads to porridges, side dishes and desserts – even fermented and consumed as an alcoholic beverage.

White rice is a refined grain, not a whole grain, because the germ and bran have been removed. Whole grain rice is usually brown – but, unknown to many, can also be black, purple, red or any of a variety of exotic hues. Around the world, rice thrives in warm, humid climates; almost all of the U.S. rice crop is grown in Arkansas, California, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri and Texas.

Converted rice is parboiled before refining, a process which drives some of the B vitamins into the endosperm so that they are not lost when the bran is removed. As a result, converted rice is healthier than regular white rice, but still is lacking many nutrients found in brown rice. Brown rice is lower in fiber than most other whole grains, but rich in many nutrients.

Quinoa (keen-wah) comes to us from the Andes, where it has long been cultivated by the Inca. Botanically a relative of swiss chard and beets rather than a “true” grain, quinoa cooks in about 10-12 minutes, creating a light, fluffy side dish. It can also be incorporated into soups, salads and baked goods. Commercially, quinoa is now appearing in cereal flakes and other processed foods. Though much of our quinoa is still imported from South America, farmers in high-altitude areas near the Rockies are also beginning to cultivate quinoa.

Quinoa is a small, light-colored round grain, similar in appearance to sesame seeds. But quinoa is also available in other colors, including red, purple and black. Most quinoa must be rinsed before cooking, to remove the bitter residue of saponins, a plant-defense that wards off insects. Botanists are now developing saponin-free strains of quinoa, to eliminate this minor annoyance to the enjoyment of quinoa.

Fresh corn on the cob. Popcorn. Corn cakes. Polenta. Tortillas. Corn muffins. Though sometimes dismissed as a nutrient-poor starch – both a second-rate vegetable and a second-rate grain – corn is lately being reassessed and viewed as a healthy food. Traditional Latin cultures learned how to treat corn with alkali, creating masa harina. This treatment liberates the niacin in corn, so those who depend on it for sustenance will avoid pellagra. Eating corn with beans creates a complementary mix of amino acids that raises the protein value to humans.

Also read it at wholegrainscouncil.org



Quincy Martel, MA, Life Coach

How many shrinks does it take to screw in a light bulb?  The answer is zero… the light bulb has to want to change.  This joke is short and sweet, and so poignantly true.  Humor generally has kernels of truth.  Sure, at a cellular level…the human body is in constant change.  Cells are constantly dividing, and changing.  However, human behavioral change comes from within.  Behavioral change is a matter of choices that start in the mind and transcend to the heart.  Sure, outside influences may shape and mold, but if an individual does not want to change behaviors … more than likely it wont happen.  It’s a miraculous thing to witness when the light bulb finally goes on and there is an “aha” movement for an individual.  Here are some easy strategies that will help bring about behavioral change, and reinforce it so that it lasts which will lead the way for a healthy weight loss.

Identify and understand what you want to change. It helps to set

clear goals and write them out.  There are studies that show that people who write out there goals in detail have more of a probability of attaining those goals and being successful.  Honesty is a cornerstone to change too.  Be honest with yourself.  Write out a personal inventory of what you would like to change because it has negatively affected you and your relationships.

Look for a role models or inspirational people.  Self-help groups may help expose you to other people who are struggling with the same behavioral changes.  It helps to find someone who is farther in the journey of change that you’d like to be like.  Choose person who encourages you despite and beyond temporary failures or slips.  Surround yourself with someone who helps you to become and evolve into a better person. 

Imagine and visualize how the change will affect and impact your life.  See the potential positive affects on you, your family, social life and financial life.  Visualize the change bringing more success to you.  Focus on the results and progress the change will make.   

Choose right company.  This ties into looking for role models and inspirational people. There are a sayings that “misery loves company” or that “bad company affects good behavior.”  Our environment can negatively affect our Weight Loss Behavioral Change and our success.  Imagine and visualize the inverse of that.   Optimism loves company too and it’s contagious.  Surround yourself and befriend happy optimistic and positive people.  It’s important to set clear boundaries with negative people even if they are family members and budget your time with them. Fat camps and weight loss retreats are great on this, for two reasons; one is that you are surrounded by a community sharing similar interests and the same goal and two because it’s a time for  yourself out of your routines.  

Believe that you are able to change.  People who are unable to believe or have faith that the change is possible will not receive it.  One of the greatest obstacles is to believe that we can change and trust in what we are able to do.  If you don’t believe that you can change…it won’t happen or you will give up.

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There’s a big amount of supplements out there and they can all be good if they are chosen adequately, but what better choice than go natural. Increasing testosterone sounds like a complicated thing to do that only concerns to bodybuilders but it’s not true, it can be very easy and it’s benefits can reach many purposes. Some of the most popular and most heard on fitness retreats and weight loss camps are eggs, stake, avocados and vegetables and believe me they are all great. Incredibly beneficial for the increase of testosterone and very easy to add to our every-day meals. It’s very different for every person, especially since we all own a very different metabolic system, but the general rule calls to consume these foods before the workout since it’s key for strength, muscle building and loosing fat. Here are three more foods that are also great to increase testosterone and that can be easily added to to your pre or post workout meal.



It’s a natural fanugreek seed extract that has an enormous amount of medical purposes and is also commonly used to add hard, sculpted mass by elevating the levels of  testosterone. It’s very effective as a pre-workout and some of the dishes that testofen can be used on are Vegetable Yellow Rice with Fenugreek leaves, Cabbage Fenugreek Salad Green Smoothie Fenugreek Methi, Methi matar malai Fenugreek with cream and chickpeas and Creamy Cauliflower Puree with Fenugreek.



This ingredient is extracted from the fruit of a puncture vine plant, it has given a hand to body builders to transform their bodies. Tribulus has mainly been used as an herbal testosterone booster, or included in formulations to promote increased muscle mass or strength. It’s mostly found in dietary supplements but it can also be used in many meals.



This is the most known out of the three mentioned. It’s used many meals and it well accepted in everyone’s kitchen. It may enhance protein synthesis, increase muscle and boost gains. Scientific research has found that garlic increases testosterone. This leads to more muscle mass. Although it creates a higher nitrogen balance which it leads to muscle growth it does reduces the chances if it’s consumed in high portions.  It should be moderated for better results.

Obum Burns Off 120+lbs

Obum – Live In Fitness

Obum came to us at a booming 401 pounds.  He was a defensive lineman from the University of Maryland and after graduating he realized he had piled on some weight. 

Obum was athletic from day one.  Obviously his background taught him that hard work and dedication pay off.  In five months he lost 131 pounds and 80.25 inches.  He looked like a completely different person.

Obum has kept every pound of his weight loss off and contributes that fact to the hard working trainers and Eric, the owner of LIFE.  He says that the staff ‘s personal touch really drove him to be the best version of himself… so sweet!  After Obum’s mother passed away, his sister told him that nothing made her happier than seeing him when he back from LIFE.  She felt that LIFE gave him a new lease on LIFE.

Live In Fitness -fitness retreat has helped hundreds of people to turn their stories around and find a new approach in life. Because it does starts. Because in some cases it does starts with your body and a good mental stability.

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Obum Live In Fitness came to us at a booming 401 pounds.



The vulnerable state under which stress puts you has a very unfortunate relationship with your eating habits. You’ll find yourself in disadvantage on a battle against your weight loss efforts. A mental or emotional stability is vital when it comes to loosing weight because the body will get into it’s own process which will have to go in hand with the mind and heart.

When you’re stressed your body releases a stress hormone called cortisol which has been linked with the buildup of abdominal fat. Your metabolic process also gets affected by the release of these hormones slowing down your metabolism, this interferes is by not burning the same calories as you used to. 

Stress is also associated with weight gain because it distracts your brain building up a feeling of hunger that it’s also described as a way back to your comfortable zone. But not all cases work this way, some lead to a loss of appetite causing you to loose weight unexpectedly.

Weather you lost or gained weight thanks to anxiety or a dramatic event in your life that caused in you a great deal of stress the best way to get back on the road is the gym. Exercise decreases the stress hormones such as cortisol and increases endorphins.  Endorphins are the body’s natural feel good chemicals, and when they are released through exercise, your mood is boosted naturally. A weight loss camp or a fitness retreat rely a lot of their success stories on creating an environment where you mental and emotional state is always stable. Once you’ve achieved to lower your stress levels the gym should be your first option and being more strategic about your diet will be key to achieve your goal. 

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