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Fitness Retreat – Testosterone Weight Loss Camp

There’s a big amount of supplements out there and they can all be good if they are chosen adequately, but what better choice than go natural. Increasing testosterone sounds like a complicated thing to do that only concerns to bodybuilders but it’s not true, it can be very easy and it’s benefits can reach many purposes. Some of the most popular and most heard on fitness retreats and weight loss camps are eggs, stake, avocados and vegetables and believe me they are all great. Incredibly beneficial for the increase of testosterone and very easy to add to our every-day meals. It’s very different for every person, especially since we all own a very different metabolic system, but the general rule calls to consume these foods before the workout since it’s key for strength, muscle building and loosing fat. Here are three more foods that are also great to increase testosterone and that can be easily added to to your pre or post workout meal.



It’s a natural fanugreek seed extract that has an enormous amount of medical purposes and is also commonly used to add hard, sculpted mass by elevating the levels of  testosterone. It’s very effective as a pre-workout and some of the dishes that testofen can be used on are Vegetable Yellow Rice with Fenugreek leaves, Cabbage Fenugreek Salad Green Smoothie Fenugreek Methi, Methi matar malai Fenugreek with cream and chickpeas and Creamy Cauliflower Puree with Fenugreek.



This ingredient is extracted from the fruit of a puncture vine plant, it has given a hand to body builders to transform their bodies. Tribulus has mainly been used as an herbal testosterone booster, or included in formulations to promote increased muscle mass or strength. It’s mostly found in dietary supplements but it can also be used in many meals.



This is the most known out of the three mentioned. It’s used many meals and it well accepted in everyone’s kitchen. It may enhance protein synthesis, increase muscle and boost gains. Scientific research has found that garlic increases testosterone. This leads to more muscle mass. Although it creates a higher nitrogen balance which it leads to muscle growth it does reduces the chances if it’s consumed in high portions.  It should be moderated for better results.

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