Weight Loss And Behavioral Change -Best Strategies

Quincy Martel, MA, Life Coach

How many shrinks does it take to screw in a light bulb?  The answer is zero… the light bulb has to want to change.  This joke is short and sweet, and so poignantly true.  Humor generally has kernels of truth.  Sure, at a cellular level…the human body is in constant change.  Cells are constantly dividing, and changing.  However, human behavioral change comes from within.  Behavioral change is a matter of choices that start in the mind and transcend to the heart.  Sure, outside influences may shape and mold, but if an individual does not want to change behaviors … more than likely it wont happen.  It’s a miraculous thing to witness when the light bulb finally goes on and there is an “aha” movement for an individual.  Here are some easy strategies that will help bring about behavioral change, and reinforce it so that it lasts which will lead the way for a healthy weight loss.

Identify and understand what you want to change. It helps to set

clear goals and write them out.  There are studies that show that people who write out there goals in detail have more of a probability of attaining those goals and being successful.  Honesty is a cornerstone to change too.  Be honest with yourself.  Write out a personal inventory of what you would like to change because it has negatively affected you and your relationships.

Look for a role models or inspirational people.  Self-help groups may help expose you to other people who are struggling with the same behavioral changes.  It helps to find someone who is farther in the journey of change that you’d like to be like.  Choose person who encourages you despite and beyond temporary failures or slips.  Surround yourself with someone who helps you to become and evolve into a better person. 

Imagine and visualize how the change will affect and impact your life.  See the potential positive affects on you, your family, social life and financial life.  Visualize the change bringing more success to you.  Focus on the results and progress the change will make.   

Choose right company.  This ties into looking for role models and inspirational people. There are a sayings that “misery loves company” or that “bad company affects good behavior.”  Our environment can negatively affect our Weight Loss Behavioral Change and our success.  Imagine and visualize the inverse of that.   Optimism loves company too and it’s contagious.  Surround yourself and befriend happy optimistic and positive people.  It’s important to set clear boundaries with negative people even if they are family members and budget your time with them. Fat camps and weight loss retreats are great on this, for two reasons; one is that you are surrounded by a community sharing similar interests and the same goal and two because it’s a time for  yourself out of your routines.  

Believe that you are able to change.  People who are unable to believe or have faith that the change is possible will not receive it.  One of the greatest obstacles is to believe that we can change and trust in what we are able to do.  If you don’t believe that you can change…it won’t happen or you will give up.

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