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Avoid the hustle, the time waste and the stress. Make the food the night before and get your cloths ready  you’ll be saving a lot of of time. Eating late or skipping meals is the worst habit.

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When starting out with a routine it takes time to adapt so you might want to set up to alarms. Don’t keep them in a place where you can reach it and turn it off since the propose if for you to be annoyed and wake up.

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Some people like to listen to music, but I’ve tried to just stay quite and it lets me relax and get all my neurons back to place.

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It doesn’t have to be big since you’re going to the gym, but it does has to have some nutrients. Your goal at the gym will define your breakfast. Could be rich in protein to gain muscle or a smoothie rich in nutrients to gain energy. If you’re into coffee, drink it a lot. 

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Having a Morning Workout routine is the most appropriate. Some do journals or others just plan it on their heads; what’s important is to think and concentrate on what you’re doing  today. After all you should be motivated while you connect body and mind or the workout. Visualize yourself achieving your goals then stop thinking and enjoy the pain. If you’re a beginner, weight loss camps or a fitness retreat would be great to learn a discipline.  

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Live In FItness –  Grandma In Fat Camp

It’s insane. Her name is Shirley Webb and she is 78-years-old. Her video went viral and how couldn’t it? She deadlifts 225 pounds and doesn’t express much effort. Where does this leave the rest of the importals? She explaned how she got to lift 225 pounds was because her trainer just kept adding weight and she kept lifting them. It’s believeble the tremendous admiration she has gathered among yourng people, she says she feels like a star now.  “I feel so good since I started exercising—I feel like a different person,” she says. Shirley is about to turn 79 in August and she has no intention on slowing down. She says she feel so good after her workout at the gym that there’s no reason for her to stop now.

Get rid of those things in your life that are not letting you move forward. Some good places to start are a weight loss camp or a fitness retreat or join a gym, but know that your life can highly be improved when you exercise regularly. It not only afftects your body, but mind too.



Shirley is 78 years old but she can deadlift 225 pounds three times! (via @jwright0123)

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 Blake Griffin said Incredible life stories can be found everywhere, but I happened to have seen pretty amazing ones at Live In Fitness Resort. Let me start with Melissa. As she expressed on her testimonial, didn’t believe she was going to accomplish her goal. Terrified on the idea of setting up a goal that at the moment seemed very far from her capabilities had her really scared and with not much enthusiasm. Something that Melissa found and takes home with her is how far anyone can get through discipline and training. She’s now able to apply that beyond a fitness scenario. After some ups and downs she lost 195 pounds -very impressive.

Not too long after she arrived to the retreat she got a glimpse of what she had embarked herself.  “I was working out next to a guy who came with a cane and could barely walk and on the other side to me was a professional baseball player” shad said when got asked about her first experience when she started working out at Live In Fitness.  And that takes me to my second story. Blake Griffin. American professional basketball player well known for his career at the Los Angeles Clippers. He came to Live In Fitness to recharge as well as to increase lean muscle that would definitely help him with his performance. Going back to what Melissa said, there’s an ultimate goal for the team that conforms LIF.

Every trainer, nutritionist, councilor and chef understands that every individual is different therefore their plan will be created based up on each person’s needs and goals. At the fitness retreat we know that what we strive for is a life change and to have it last for ever it starts from inside. Age or a physical complication shouldn’t stop you because it’s clear that it’s not stopping us to keep creating changes, and we stick on the idea that we all deserve the change and Live In Fitness will stay with you till you achieve it.

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Live In Fitness – A Fat Camp Says

“And now it’s the time, the only way out, is up. It’s not heaven. It’s a new world. The future is gold.” says Charlize Theron on a Dior commercial for their new fragrance. The future is gold and we better be beautiful. Forgive those that hate the word and ignore those endorses in a superficial way.  This is our era and our time in life. Here are three first basics to get ready.

Body: Watch what you eat because it might be the cause of  many health complications in the near or not so near future, if you haven’t heard that?! yet not done it yet. Finding a doctor in which you trust is very important because you coming back to him in a regular basis will require trust and you don’t build that overnight. Research. Get to know your body and it’s possible decadences. Your strengths were meant to be put to work, use them.

Skin: Is the least thought but most recognized part of our body. Everyone notices it, you do. Our eating habits have a huge impact on our skin which is incredibly related with our digestive system. Using sunscreen with high SPF doesn’t mean we can stay longer exposed to the sun. Keep it hydrated and don’t be afraid to use anti-aging or wrinkles products some of what these products do is regenerate cells that we lose or exhaust with time. It’s estimated that 10,130 deaths will be attributed to melanoma (skin cancer) in 2016. Know the statistics, once you’re scared use sun screen -UV radiation is at it’s strongest between 10am and 4pm.

Mind:  We’ve gotten to the most important of all three. Beauty is very subjective, therefore no one knows it till they personally meet with it. Many have left life without knowing it. We all have it and it can be easy to find, but we all try really hard not to. It’s in the eyes of the one next to you, get to know this person, care about him/her in a way that you can find out who he or she really is that will work as a mirror and soon you’ll start noticing real things about you that are simply beautiful. After a killing session at the gym, wight loss retreat or fitness retreat rest and look at yourself, appreciate the difference and the potential improvements. Be brave, stay curious and don’t doubt it.

The future might lasts us forever, we better be there healthy, fit and beautiful.



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