Incredible stories. Here is what Blake Griffin said about Live In Fitness Resort.

 Blake Griffin said Incredible life stories can be found everywhere, but I happened to have seen pretty amazing ones at Live In Fitness Resort. Let me start with Melissa. As she expressed on her testimonial, didn’t believe she was going to accomplish her goal. Terrified on the idea of setting up a goal that at the moment seemed very far from her capabilities had her really scared and with not much enthusiasm. Something that Melissa found and takes home with her is how far anyone can get through discipline and training. She’s now able to apply that beyond a fitness scenario. After some ups and downs she lost 195 pounds -very impressive.

Not too long after she arrived to the retreat she got a glimpse of what she had embarked herself.  “I was working out next to a guy who came with a cane and could barely walk and on the other side to me was a professional baseball player” shad said when got asked about her first experience when she started working out at Live In Fitness.  And that takes me to my second story. Blake Griffin. American professional basketball player well known for his career at the Los Angeles Clippers. He came to Live In Fitness to recharge as well as to increase lean muscle that would definitely help him with his performance. Going back to what Melissa said, there’s an ultimate goal for the team that conforms LIF.

Every trainer, nutritionist, councilor and chef understands that every individual is different therefore their plan will be created based up on each person’s needs and goals. At the fitness retreat we know that what we strive for is a life change and to have it last for ever it starts from inside. Age or a physical complication shouldn’t stop you because it’s clear that it’s not stopping us to keep creating changes, and we stick on the idea that we all deserve the change and Live In Fitness will stay with you till you achieve it.

Live In Fitness

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