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Live In FItness –  Grandma In Fat Camp

It’s insane. Her name is Shirley Webb and she is 78-years-old. Her video went viral and how couldn’t it? She deadlifts 225 pounds and doesn’t express much effort. Where does this leave the rest of the importals? She explaned how she got to lift 225 pounds was because her trainer just kept adding weight and she kept lifting them. It’s believeble the tremendous admiration she has gathered among yourng people, she says she feels like a star now.  “I feel so good since I started exercising—I feel like a different person,” she says. Shirley is about to turn 79 in August and she has no intention on slowing down. She says she feel so good after her workout at the gym that there’s no reason for her to stop now.

Get rid of those things in your life that are not letting you move forward. Some good places to start are a weight loss camp or a fitness retreat or join a gym, but know that your life can highly be improved when you exercise regularly. It not only afftects your body, but mind too.



Shirley is 78 years old but she can deadlift 225 pounds three times! (via @jwright0123)

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