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“And now it’s the time, the only way out, is up. It’s not heaven. It’s a new world. The future is gold.” says Charlize Theron on a Dior commercial for their new fragrance. The future is gold and we better be beautiful. Forgive those that hate the word and ignore those endorses in a superficial way.  This is our era and our time in life. Here are three first basics to get ready.

Body: Watch what you eat because it might be the cause of  many health complications in the near or not so near future, if you haven’t heard that?! yet not done it yet. Finding a doctor in which you trust is very important because you coming back to him in a regular basis will require trust and you don’t build that overnight. Research. Get to know your body and it’s possible decadences. Your strengths were meant to be put to work, use them.

Skin: Is the least thought but most recognized part of our body. Everyone notices it, you do. Our eating habits have a huge impact on our skin which is incredibly related with our digestive system. Using sunscreen with high SPF doesn’t mean we can stay longer exposed to the sun. Keep it hydrated and don’t be afraid to use anti-aging or wrinkles products some of what these products do is regenerate cells that we lose or exhaust with time. It’s estimated that 10,130 deaths will be attributed to melanoma (skin cancer) in 2016. Know the statistics, once you’re scared use sun screen -UV radiation is at it’s strongest between 10am and 4pm.

Mind:  We’ve gotten to the most important of all three. Beauty is very subjective, therefore no one knows it till they personally meet with it. Many have left life without knowing it. We all have it and it can be easy to find, but we all try really hard not to. It’s in the eyes of the one next to you, get to know this person, care about him/her in a way that you can find out who he or she really is that will work as a mirror and soon you’ll start noticing real things about you that are simply beautiful. After a killing session at the gym, wight loss retreat or fitness retreat rest and look at yourself, appreciate the difference and the potential improvements. Be brave, stay curious and don’t doubt it.

The future might lasts us forever, we better be there healthy, fit and beautiful.

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