It’s the essence of glamour and the efficiency on an everyday basis what we find essential in fitness wear. Fit Culture Threads’ new line for woman is out and available through Fit Club Tv.

A line thought to complement your weight loss efforts. The yoga pants, capri, long sleeve shirt and tank top are entirely fabricated with elastane and nylon in contribution for a perfect mix that would adapt to your body for your comfort. 

It’s thread and fabric is stretchable and durable in all four directions at the maximum movement and pull all areas into the perfect places while remaining extremely comfortable. Elastane got it’s initial start in the making of corsets which would adjust to your body allowing you to have more flexibility. 

Fabric is preshrunk, stretchy and wicks away moisture from your body when you sweat. The lycra ensures that the fabric will never “stretch or bog out” while the nylon provides coverage, being classy and sexy is what we got from one of our testers.

We’ re so confident about the quality tat we brought a group of women to experience them and tell us what they thought of it. Exceptional results. A panel of woman proving an everyday wear, to exercise, wash and even baby spit -all of the materials completely proven. A single bra strap re-sculpted five times just to get the perfect fit for woman.

We’ve tested it all, after two years on the making of our garments we’ve gone through every test to ensure the quality of our clothes and to stand today by our word. We guarantee your money back if you decide it’s not your fit. Check out our entire line at 

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Oscars -Live in fitness

It’s the biggest night of the year and if you are a big passionate about film just like we are this is the time to get the best out of the closet and celebrate an industry hat has given us a lot. All stars have come to town to celebrate this year’s films and remember those in the past that built this podium. And we’re not going to miss it. This year we went big with our Gift Bags for the celebrities; giving away an all paid one week stay at Live In Fitness resort in Hilton Head, South Carolina. You saw it at the Hollywood Reporter, The Daily Beast, The Israel Times, Bazaar and Fortune magazine. We’re in and we’ll do it big this time. Join us on Instagram and Facebook and stay constantly updated. Don’t miss it!

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Biggest loser camp


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Live In Fitness – Secrets For Muscle Growth

The National Sleep Foundation reports that almost half of the people surveyed in 2011 admitted that occasionally, if ever, rest at night. This is a key factor for muscle growth, it’s the time that the body has the biggest opportunity to repair muscle.

1. Sleep like a baby, grow like a man. 

“You give your body the chance to repair, recharge, and regrow during sleep,” says wellness expert Dr. Felecia Stoler, D.C.N., M.S., R.D., A.C.S.M. “It’s the ideal time to replenish nutrients, and, since your body isn’t moving, it allows the muscles to repair themselves.” 8 hours is what usually experts recommend daily. Some of the impediments we might encounter are caffeine, use of electronic devises up  to the last minute and the use of wrong remedies to sleep.

2. Don’t exercise too close to bed time.

Although hitting the gym late at night can get you extremely exhausted which can be good for a good sleep, you’re actually elevating the temperature of your body therefore it will take longer for your mind to disconnect. In worst case it might result in problems like insomnia. 3 to 4 hours is recommended before you go to bed, it’s enough time for the body to cool down and be able to have a sleep without interruptions -definitely what it’s needed for the muscle to repair and grow.

3. Cut off the booze.

Specially at night. Alcohol retards muscle growth and lowers testosterone. It also creates difficulties when sleeping and it might keep you awake since your body has to metabolize it and this takes time.

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Live In Fitness – Body Testing Weight Loss

Changing habits and routines to embrace new ideals should be a life time event, if this sounds like the moment you’re going through in life right now it’s a matter of celebration. You’ve got an incredible opportunity for change, growth and you won’t find nothing else then a better you.  It was our motivation almost 20 years ago when we started and it still continues to be, helping people and making life more approachable because it all starts with you.

All this years have left us with experience and knowledge about people and the need for evolution, it’s our technique and machinery that accurately tests and gets to know the individualities of your body giving us confidence about the program we set up for you. From trainers that will guide you through the best workout, yoga instructors making sure your emotional and mental health stays intact throughout the process to chefs that will take care of your new eating habits.

Plus, it’s in Hilton Head. We like to call it the vacation away from the vacation where we’ll make sure you’re comfortably working hard -really hard. Our ultimate goal is to get you there and get you in the best shape physically and mentally. Capable of to confronting any mishap along the way.weight loss camps


weight loss camps

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Live In Fitness – Loosing Weight

There’s three ways to get it done. Decide it yourself, have someone tell you (doctor) that you need to or been indirectly forced by someone you love (boyfriend-girlfriend). Let’s say we like the first one; first thing in the list involves a murder.

1. Kill it.

Kill the cellphone, computer, and Tv and if you’re into video-gaming kill the console, but give yourself some time to do it right but not as much to risk someone knowing about the massacre and want to ruin it for you.  Between shows, social media, friends that majored in gossip and video-games that have endless levels we loose focus and getting hold of new habits will require dedication therefore you must concentrate in what really matters which is the emotional connection with those that love you and your goals.

2. Get on it. 

Get a plan. Knowing that the rules of the game will let you swim deeper in this pool. Chances are you do very well that the rules become ideals and goals become a lifestyle. Join a gym and set up schedules -very important, setting up times for gym will be key although it’s a priority you don’t want to make this the only one and run out of time for other things.

3. Kill it again. 

If we weren’t talking about a massacre I would call it; work hard. Once you’ve set your mind and have a plan the only thing left is too struggle for a little bit -no bad. Do it. Go farther than usual, work harder and constant, don’t give up on your own ideals to become and be brave at the gym. Remember those long days of thinking and know that you’re here, you’ve gotten far on the road and wasn’t easy, be sure your mind knows it’s worth it.

Being brave about getting started takes courage, but to continue on the road takes intelligence.

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