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Live In Fitness – Secrets For Muscle Growth

The National Sleep Foundation reports that almost half of the people surveyed in 2011 admitted that occasionally, if ever, rest at night. This is a key factor for muscle growth, it’s the time that the body has the biggest opportunity to repair muscle.

1. Sleep like a baby, grow like a man. 

“You give your body the chance to repair, recharge, and regrow during sleep,” says wellness expert Dr. Felecia Stoler, D.C.N., M.S., R.D., A.C.S.M. “It’s the ideal time to replenish nutrients, and, since your body isn’t moving, it allows the muscles to repair themselves.” 8 hours is what usually experts recommend daily. Some of the impediments we might encounter are caffeine, use of electronic devises up  to the last minute and the use of wrong remedies to sleep.

2. Don’t exercise too close to bed time.

Although hitting the gym late at night can get you extremely exhausted which can be good for a good sleep, you’re actually elevating the temperature of your body therefore it will take longer for your mind to disconnect. In worst case it might result in problems like insomnia. 3 to 4 hours is recommended before you go to bed, it’s enough time for the body to cool down and be able to have a sleep without interruptions -definitely what it’s needed for the muscle to repair and grow.

3. Cut off the booze.

Specially at night. Alcohol retards muscle growth and lowers testosterone. It also creates difficulties when sleeping and it might keep you awake since your body has to metabolize it and this takes time.

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