It’s the essence of glamour and the efficiency on an everyday basis what we find essential in fitness wear. Fit Culture Threads’ new line for woman is out and available through Fit Club Tv.

A line thought to complement your weight loss efforts. The yoga pants, capri, long sleeve shirt and tank top are entirely fabricated with elastane and nylon in contribution for a perfect mix that would adapt to your body for your comfort. 

It’s thread and fabric is stretchable and durable in all four directions at the maximum movement and pull all areas into the perfect places while remaining extremely comfortable. Elastane got it’s initial start in the making of corsets which would adjust to your body allowing you to have more flexibility. 

Fabric is preshrunk, stretchy and wicks away moisture from your body when you sweat. The lycra ensures that the fabric will never “stretch or bog out” while the nylon provides coverage, being classy and sexy is what we got from one of our testers.

We’ re so confident about the quality tat we brought a group of women to experience them and tell us what they thought of it. Exceptional results. A panel of woman proving an everyday wear, to exercise, wash and even baby spit -all of the materials completely proven. A single bra strap re-sculpted five times just to get the perfect fit for woman.

We’ve tested it all, after two years on the making of our garments we’ve gone through every test to ensure the quality of our clothes and to stand today by our word. We guarantee your money back if you decide it’s not your fit. Check out our entire line at 

Fit Culture Threads line


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