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Wesley Came to LIF to Save His Life and Lost 80 Lbs!!

Wesley – Fitness Retreat

Wesley played organized football, basketball and baseball in high school. He has always a larger set guy, weighing 220 lbs in college.  He actually used to have gain weight to play football.  During this time he incurred several injuries and ended up having surgery in both shoulders.  He was now less active, but still ate the same.  His career changed to an office position, which lead to lack of activity. He started using food as coping mechanism and started to gain weight, often eating large meals and desserts before retiring to bed.  Over the years Wesley weight reached an all time high of 570+ lbs

Wesley has struggled with weight loss, which has really started to take a toll in the last 3 years with high blood pressure and is currently on 7 forms of prescription medication. Wesley researched and seeked this program, as he knew he had reached a point where he could not do this by himself. His health was deteriorating and decided to call LIF. Wesley is a Director of Operations at a ministry where friends and loved ones help raise the funds for him to save his life.

Wesley Fitness Retreat

Wesley lost an astounding 19 lbs in one week, for a total 80 lbs to date! Nutrition is a key factor and Wesley has been very satisfied with the customization of the meal plan at LIF. He has enjoyed the meals and has never felt hungry.

The workouts have been modified to accommodate his size and limitations.  His favorite machine has been the hand bike and recently he has been challenging himself on the treadmill. He loves the feel, vibe, and layout of the new facility.  The new Cafe is bright and open with an outdoor seating area for dining. Having hands on interaction with the chefs and coaches daily.

His advice to anyone in this situation would be ‘Don’t Wait‘ and don’t be afraid to get the help you need and deserve!

He would recommend the LIF program, stating that you have to make the most of the opportunity by maximizing your time here.

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