In 2 weeks Ty has dropped an astounding 19.4lbs at LIF!


Live In Fitness – Ty

Ty has been overweight all of his life and had always struggled a child with his weight. Through high school, even at his weight, he was a 3 sport athlete, playing football, played on the wrestling team and lacrosse. Football and wrestling he did not feel out of place due to his size, as he was not the biggest player, but it always held him back as far the cardio and conditioning. He always managed to drop the weight pre-season for the sport, but really never learned how to keep it off as part of a healthy lifestyle. Now at 22 Ty chose to come to LIF and to learn more about himself and to be taught by a professional team how to make a lifestyle change forever!



He knew coming to LIF he would receive a customized meal plan, several coached hours of training, and be given structure. Having other clients here for the same reasons and goals have kept him motivated and on task. A positive environment where people, staff, and clients are there to motivate, teach, listen, and grow!

In 2 weeks Ty has dropped an astounding 19.4lbs since joining the program and is well on his way to surpassing his original goal of 50lbs.

His favorite sports offered here are water polo and basketball, due to his competitive nature. Trainers have been very supportive and the lectures and have been very knowledgeable.

Advice he would give to others is to “make sure to set personal goals”. His calorie count/goal per day is 5000 calories, which is collected daily to calculate his potential versus actual – A ‘Science’ created by the Eric to monitor and track all aspects of weight loss.

This program has been such an informative and beneficial welcome to Ty, he has given 100% to the program and he said he would absolutely recommend to others!


You only get LIFE…
Congratulations TY!!

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