Weight loss spa and your Mind

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Weight Loss spa you Sweat…just don’t sweat the small stuff

Quincy Martel, MA, Life Coach

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For year at our weight loss spa we continually teach that Sweating is good therapy. There is a multitude of research on how exercise helps

exorcise negativity, anxiety and depression and replace it with positive medical and

psychological benefits.

When beginning a new regime and lifestyle change, such and implementing

lifestyle changes that include a well balanced diet and exercise, it’s important to

keep things in perspective. Realistic and attainable goals are important. Rome

wasn’t built in one day and the bad habits that contributed to weight gain didn’t

happen over night. It was a process… possibly a viscous cycle that led to unbalanced

lifestyle choices. Just don’t sweat over and obsess about the small stuff. The hardest thing we continue teach at our weight loss spa is letting

negativity and obsessive thinking into the regime may be a potential roadblock and

a distraction for an individual who is attempting a positive change. Instead of being

preoccupied with how much weight you need to loose, HR monitors, watches,

deadlines (small stuff) …focus on the small victories like more flexibility, more

endurance, looser clothing, or more energy. Instead of focusing or obsessing on the

amount you’ve lost or gained in one day, whether level 3 is hit… calories burned per

minute… look at the weight loss commitment over time. Refocus on the why??? Why

do you want to change and what goals you may want to pursue. The commitment

and investment for health and wellness is a process and takes time. I encourage you

to keep moving and keep exercising and trust in your program. Health, fitness and

wellness, is like any investment. You get out what you put in and receive the

benefits and that takes time.

When dealing with short term, I encourage you not to be concerned about 1 day

numbers losses or gains relax and stick your plan. I encourage you not to let the

tools such as watches and numbers is a distraction. Give your program time and

see what happens in a week or two. Again, you didn’t get to where you are over

night with unhealthy, unbalanced lifestyle choices. The health and wellness process,

investment and commitment take time, discipline patience.

It’s important to set realistic goals. With any goal, there requires a mental volition.

A person has to want the goal and come up with a plan. There are times when a plan

may be adjusted to complete the goal. Flexibility like forgiveness may help one bend

back from a disappointment and empower an individual to stay the course of the

goal. Much like the idea of running a marathon without training for run one mile.

It’s important to make realistic and systematic goals…train for the mile first rather

than to be overwhelmed or possibly getting hurt by setting unrealistic goals.

Encourage you not to treat exercise like a chore. It’s ideal to find joy in the process

and make the investment fun and exciting. For this is your investment towards a

bright and healthy future.

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