From Fat Farm to Fit Camp

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Fat farm verses fit camp …Visualize your best self and then achieve it. We train all levels

Fat farm? Not exactly…More Inspiration and Visualization

Some people look up fat farm to lose weight to find us on google but we don’t feel that word is right we like fit camp.

At our fit camp we teach you the tools to keep the weight off forever. This can be challenging stuff.

If you think of needing a fat farm for adults we hope that you feel you need a place to help cultivate you to make the right choices

to be successful not only with weight(fat That is ) but with your lifestyle.

So imagine your best self!!!

Now that you have the image of your ideal self emblazoned in your mind, Your past fat farm type of thinking here

is the perfect way to get you out of that mind set and into successful thinking.

let’s put the new you into some situations and environments and see how

you look and feel.

Picture yourself as you walk into a party dressed in your ideal outfit. How

do you look? How do you feel? Truly experience your happiness, pride,

and newfound confidence. Notice how your friends respond to you. Hear

what they say to you. Hear them telling you that you look great. Relish

them relating their pride and astonishment at your transformation. Now

imagine, not only the pride you feel, but also how you feel physically. You

are strong, fit and healthy. You’ve achieved your weight loss and fitness

goals! Congratulate yourself! Celebrate! You did it! By seeing it now,

you’re on your way to making it real!

As you imagined the party, now imagine yourself at your class reunion.

You’re walking into a room of former classmates, many you haven’t seen

in years. Imagine your having fun, laughing, enjoying great conversations,

and feeling the warmth of old friends and good times. You’re not self-

conscious about you’re appearance. On the contrary, you look great, feel

great, and people are telling you look even better than you did in high


Now let’s try something a little trickier. We’re going to go to the mall. I

know, I know…nothing tricky about going to the mall, except for the

distractions…namely the dreaded food court or that stand alone cinnamon

roll shop that you can smell from literally any store in the entire mall.

You walk in, excited to buy new clothes because your old clothes are too

big. Feels pretty good already, huh? Now walk past the large person shop

you used to frequent. Take a moment to stop, take a deep breath, and pay

attention to how you feelagain, good. You thank the store for being

there and then thank yourself for not needing it anymore. As you continue

through the mall (feeling strong, fit, and attractive of course), you come to

your favorite store, and in the window is THE perfect outfit…and it’s in your

size! You stand there, admiring the outfit and knowing how fantastic your

going to look in it. At this point, you could walk away and keep imagining,

but let’s keep this realistic. You know you’re going back to buy it anyway,

so just go ahead and get it now. Enjoy that purchase! You’ve earned it!

By Eric Viskovicz

President of live in fitness and Fit club Tv

certified life coach, trainer, and nutritionist

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Live In Fitness

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