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How to Choose Between the Weight Loss Camps

You have to be careful when choosing between the right weight loss camps it is a hard choice but can be life or death situation if adding 20 years is at stake.




weight loss camps
Choosing between the right weight loss camps-workout on beach



Questions to ask when choosing a between weight loss camps

How many years has your weight loss camp been around?

Do you have testing on site?

Can you get more protein with each meal if needed to maximize weight loss?

Will staff come to your room and call if you don’t come in?

At their weight loss camp Do they have a coach responsible and accountable for your weight loss?

Is your coach accountable for your weight loss success to a manager?

Is there a life coach on staff?

Is there  a nutritionist on staff at your weight loss camp?

Is there testing for lean mass?

Is there testing for Body fat Hydrostatic or Bod pod?

At there Weight loss camp do  they test to factor your true RMR?

Are zones regulated and macro nutrients adjusted for weight loss?

Are actual verses potential weight loss analyzed by coach and management?

Does your coach make your schedule based on your individual levels and goals ?

Are energy levels analyzed and tweaked with macro nutrients on performance review?

Ask to see at least 20 good before and afters?

Are there facility private or public big question?The gym? The eating restaurant?Do you walk through people eating sundaes and drinking?

Know How to choose 

People ask all the time what are the differences between the weight loss camps?


Good question as for live in fitness we have been around for 18 years as a company and companies like Hilton Head  and Canyon Ranch. The three with the longest running time.

This is an investment into the most important thing you own your health do not trust it with just anyone. Choose the right weight loss camp. Or if you want a spa hilton head health and canyon ranch are great for a little fitness and they are weight loss spa’s. we are a scientific customized weight loss camp and we are ready to get you to the next stage of your fitness level and teach you a life style change. Someone asked us today


The exercise business is weird and even weirder is the weight loss camp business. Because people have started going with the lowest price. A new place pops up and have lower specials and the program is able to be good enough experience with changing lives, No that in terms of the biggest loser they just keep expanding adding new places like franchises. That  means someone has decided to do this new venture. They are experimenting on you. Most companies fail in the first 5-7 years. choose your weight loss camp carefully.

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