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Fitness Camp Results

Fitness Camp Success 
At Fitness camp we train 5-7 hours a day. Paced at the individuals ability. Love , care, passion is what it take to have a successful Fitness Camp Results.

With the proper testing and using that testing to get  the perfect macronutrient mix and then the best results possible. check out two of our success stories. they are great people and testimonials.

Before fitness camp
Before fitness camp
After fitness camp
After fitness camp


Arne Batson

Starting Weight: 177 Pound

Ending Weight: 135.5 Pounds







As an aspiring singer living in the Los Angeles area, Arnae was familiar with the common pressures of living up to the standard of beauty often expected of women, in particular those aspiring to work in the entertainment industry such as herself. She found herself struggling with weight gain and weight loss most of her adult life and with her fiftieth birthday rapidly approaching she felt as though she had come to a point in her life where change was not just something she wanted desperately but it was something that was necessary. Her goal was simple: to get into the best shape of her life and prove to herself that anything was possible. Having never been in shape in her entire life, Arnae wasn’t familiar with pushing her body to meet the physical demands imperative to accomplish her goals. However, she was aware that the road to get to her weight loss goal would not be a walk in the park. At once Arnae found herself being pushed to the limit and often felt that the exercises were strenuous and challenging. But soon enough as the weeks flew by LIF provided the routine that proved to produce magnificent results.  The exercises started to become easier and easier eventually turning into second nature. By the end of the program Arnae flaunted her each body that left her glowing on her fiftieth birthday.


Starting Weight: 354 LBs

Ending Weight: 262 LBs


Starting Body Fat: 38.4%

Ending Body Fat:  21.3%


John Transformation fitness camp
John fitness camp success

TOTAL INCHES LOSS:                                        


If you want to see a model of a young man with a great attitude, amazing work ethic and genuine heart John is the guy you’re looking for.  John needed to make a change with his life and decided to go to a fitness camp and came to Live In Fitness as an overweight and out of shape, yet extremely intelligent kid.  John puts his mind 100% into everything he decides to do and it was getting the better of him.  He decided to take a semester off from University and focus on getting himself, physically, back on track.

John’s main issue was snacking during studying, so with some time away from the studying he was able to focus on eating every 3-4 hours and in good portions and balance.  And, of course, John being John he worked in some practice “studying” time to work on not snacking while studying.

Nutrition work set aside, John is a beast in the gym.  He’s always been drawn to the heavy lifting side of things, but he was really able to improve his cardio.

Stats wise, he came to LIF weighing 354 pounds and departed at 262.  That’s a difference of 93 pounds!  His body fat percentage went form 38.4  to 21.31

Most importantly John was able conquer his snack binges and get himself to a healthy place to start the rest of his life.

Live In Fitness – Fitness Camp Results

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