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The Secret to Lose Weight Pounds Forever

Live In Fitness – Secret To Lose Weight

Two of our residents lost 14lbs in two weeks! Awesome! Another great story that makes us proud and very happy. Changing a life requires willingness and a light that can guide the new path and that’s being the greatest achievement for Live In Fitness -Weight loss retreat  for over 20 years.  There’s many reasons that can bring you to want to loose weight, but one that we know for sure it’s #1  in your list is health and reason why we take our job very serious. Not too long ago, one of our residents who actually documented her progress with LIF on her blog. She lost 63lbs and it was a great satisfaction for everyone that beyond the lost weight it was also a radical lifetime experience that would have an impact on her daily routines after the retreat as she documents in her blog.

Watch Eric Viskovicz as he talks about Internal Dialogue and Motivation.  It’s a journey that starts from within and you want to be prepared to go as far as you can, because it is possible and the other side is even better! It all begins and ends in you, but we’re here to make sure it happens!

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