Leave what you think you know, at the door.


Hi everyone, I’d love to introduce to you Nicole, 60, a return client who came back to Live in Fitness as a tune-up in ten years. While she was looking on the internet for fitness camps, she came across this retreat. An answer to what she hoped would change her life for the best. Previously, she attended Live in Fitness while they were situated at Hilton Head, in California. While she has come a long way, her weight loss journey is not finished yet. She is on a mission to reach her best version by summer 2024. This is her story.


Attending Live in Fitness ten years ago, she was not at the weight that she wanted to be, “For the first time, I was 232, the heaviest I’ve been in my whole life. Before I attended the camp, I had lost weight on my own, to 185. I noticed I could move better. Throughout my time here, I’ve been trying to increase my knowledge of nutrition. Eric made it fit together. He told me, ‘Nicole, you must do this together, nutrition and exercise.’ Every single time, it worked for me. That made me want to keep coming back, every ten years, as a tune-up.”

Nicole has been a rockstar. Increasing her strength and endurance substantially every single week. While she wasn’t always like this, she explains what got her to her heaviest weight, “In my 40s, I lost a lot of loved ones. My teenagers were tough. That rocked the boat for me. My marriage. Everything. I was in the middle of buying two businesses. It took a toll on me. All these stressors made it seem to pack on the fat.”

She continues to share what her biggest struggles were, “Food and alcohol. I would binge. I would cook, but I would make hardy food. There was no portion control. I gave up. I had nothing to look forward to. I felt like I had no purpose. I lost cause with the teenagers, they were awful. I would constantly stress about where my children were at, I had no idea where they would be. Growing up, I never had an active upbringing. Being the only girl and having brothers, I felt like an embarrassment for losing myself. My brothers were always active and continued to stay active throughout their lives. I compared myself to them, I got discouraged.” 

“It affected my lifestyle to the point where all my bad habits and my struggles were exacerbated. They were out of control. I just wanted to escape. I didn’t know what to do. When it came to eating, I didn’t care. I just put whatever. I am a master dieter, so throughout the years, I tried more than 30 diets, the grapefruit diet, the egg diet…I wanted a quick fix. There was no fitness implemented into my daily life. No sports interest. Unfortunately, everything that I needed to be doing, I didn’t do.”



In contrast, Nicole has done amazing, making huge strides to be at the weight she is working so hard for. From not being able to do certain stretches in Eric’s signature Flexibility and Mobility Bootcamp, and lack of endurance, to running on the treadmill, she has made enormous progress. Nicole shares how she feels about her progress so far, “I feel more empowered to keep going. I know I have a long road ahead of me, but my mindset is far better than it was. When it comes to exercise, I need structure to know that I will be successful. I, most likely, will get an instructor to help me along my journey. Hopefully, by June, I want to be 160 to 165.” 

Nicole shares what she has enjoyed about the program, “I love the lectures because they make it real. The instructors bring up situations that happen every day. For example, the temptation to go to McDonalds. Or, making the right choices when it comes to eating out at restaurants. They talk about relapse when it comes to gaining weight back. These real situations helped me put my life in perspective. Science makes so much sense as to why everything, working simultaneously, works. It’s almost an art form. I followed Eric throughout the US with his camps, his formula, and his method worked, and it always works for me. I am confident that every time I come here, 

the weight will come off. Before I came to Eric the first time, I was on a keto diet. My mind was always in a fog. I knew I needed to see him so badly. I always maintained my weight with the keto diet, but it was giving me all these weird symptoms. I truly believe that this time, since I’ve been here for a long time, I have the desire to keep going with my nutrition.”


As a lasting word of advice, Nicole is straight to the point, “Leave what you think you know, at the door. Allow everyone here, to teach you. It’s important to let go of what you know and to absorb everything they say here. Show up. Go to class. Go to the lectures and stay present. Work on the Blueprint Method. Enjoy your time here. You’re here with beautiful people. I’ve had the pleasure of making friends throughout the years. Enjoy the experience.”

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