“I wanted to work my butt off.”


Live in Fitness is a results-based retreat, always striving to give the best-customized program to everyone who comes through our doors. Eric Viskovicz, President of Live in Fitness, has tailored this program to everyone, including Nona. Nona, 47, from Bucks County, Pennsylvania has decided to put Live in Fitness to the test. While she has been here for two weeks, in her first week, she lost a total of nine pounds! Isn’t that amazing?! For those who struggle with shedding the fat off their entire life, hearing Nona’s story will ease your anxieties that you too, can lose the fat. 

Nona’s struggle with losing the fat occurred after her first pregnancy. With this struggle, she goes in-depth about how taxing it’s been on her. “I was 273 pounds. I was at another camp for seven weeks. I haven’t found the key to my success. My whole journey has been a rollercoaster ride. It’s been difficult to get my weight down. The first trainer I had; I would always end up hurt. So, I had to stop working with him. Trying to find someone else that I could vibe with was a challenge. As of now, I am perimenopausal. I also have hypothyroidism and had to be medicated. It’s been one thing after another. Very discouraging when so many things are going up against you. In hopes of finding a place that could help me, I found Live in Fitness in an online search. I wanted an all-in-one package. Live in Fitness looked like it had everything, the dunk tank, lectures, food. It sounded hardcore, I wanted to work my butt off.

Nona gets vulnerable about her journey up until now, “I struggled with binge eating. My children left the house, so I became an empty nester. With my thyroid, a new empty nester, my hormones, I was like, ‘What is going on?’ I did not feel like myself. My anxiety was out of control. Even my sons noticed. They would tell me to take care of myself. That this was not me. That’s when I took it into my hands that I was going to a fitness retreat.

She continues, “These constant ups and downs would make me feel anxious. I would bring bad food into my home knowing that it was bad for me. Junk food was my comfort. I had no self-control. I wanted the drinks, the food, the desserts. In any emotion, being bored, feeling hungry, not hungry, stressed, food was always right there.”

Amazingly, Nona is pounds closer to getting to her goal weight. She boasts about how she feels about her progress so far, “I feel great. I would love to get down below 200 before I leave. I want to get to my goals.”

During your time here, Eric has implemented his philosophies and approach to fitness and coaching to increase everyone’s success. Nona elaborates her opinion to these approaches, “It’s great! He’s extremely positive. Losing the nine pounds, I know this works. I would love to go home and use these approaches to be successful.”


Nona shares what has been her top highlights from her time here, “I love spin. I love the variety. Boxing was a great class. I love all the circuit classes where you would go station to a cardio machine. The food was amazing. It’s hard to pick a favorite. But my top four choices would be the chili, salmon mango salad, the breakfast sandwich, and breakfast burrito.” 


As a lasting piece of advice from someone who knows the ins and outs of this program, Nona shares what to focus on when you decide to make that lifestyle change, “Take a breath. Talk to yourself. Make sure it’s positive what you’re telling yourself. For guidance, talk with the coaches. If you are struggling, ask for help. Always keep going and keep your eye on the goal, on the end game.

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