“You Must Know Your Why!”


Derrick W., 41, from Richmond, Virginia, was eager to regain his life. A year prior before committing to come to Live in Fitness, he was in search of fitness retreats. As he put it, he knew this was the best place for him because it did not look like a vacation. The last piece of information that he knew was the right fit was from a YouTube influencer who previously did the retreat this summer, “He [Will] showed me what goes on here, the testing, the activities, the food. The testing is important to me because it showed me how serious this retreat was.” 


Derrick, and many others just like him coming through these doors, have decided to make a lifestyle change. Before going in the right direction toward longevity, Derrick saw a weight change that lasted ten years. He shares what he experienced, “I started to age. I always ate what I wanted when I wanted to. I didn’t have a fitness regime. It affected my sleep, my activity level, in my career. I didn’t have energy before. I am in a demanding business that takes a lot of attention and energy. Same thing with family life and raising four children. I didn’t have the energy to do what was necessary.”


My struggles were that I ate what I wanted and didn’t exercise. Not being able to get up in the morning and have energy. Man, I ate whatever I wanted, tacos, Doritos, Sour Patch Kids, and Coke were my go-to’s. Not eating correctly and not having any energy, I felt like I was in a mental fog. I wasn’t as sharp as I could be throughout the day. These things felt like another hard task to complete. I loved to do sports and get out. I’m very competitive. So, I always got my exercise that way. That’s how I would ‘stay in shape,’ but I didn’t make any progress towards how I wanted to be.” 


Before arriving at Live in Fitness, Derrick had his goals in mind. He expected that he was going to get the reset that he desperately needed, “When I came here, I was clear on my goal to reset. I needed to change how I was living my life regarding how I eat and exercise. I was clear that this was what I needed. In my mind, I needed to take myself out of the world I was living in every day, hit that reset button, and to rt attaining my goal. The importance of this reset changed my life.” 


Derrick has made huge strides to get to the goal he wants to achieve. He’s thrilled to share how he feels, “I feel good about my progress. I’m surprised. I’m not surprised about the hard work I put in. I knew the reason why I came here; I knew what my mantra is. Because I have a strong why, I knew I was going to work hard every day. However, I am surprised at the results and how quickly I was able to lose weight and gain muscle. Most importantly, I feel younger. I’m moving now that I haven’t moved in years. My flexibility and mobility are better and it’s so motivating to see how far I can go.”


This program is a result-based fitness retreat. In every aspect, the hours of exercise, the balanced meals, and increasing lean muscle mass are designed to improve longevity in any individual. Derrick explains how he never knew a balanced meal would work in his favor, “The food is very important. I never realized until I came here, how important it is to measure the food, the types of food, and the macronutrients that I needed in each meal I ate. I never understood that and that is one part I was ignorant of. I thought I could eat whatever I wanted…I felt since I was working out, that that was something I could do. Before I got here, I thought that, when I go home, I could still eat what I wanted, but now I know I can’t do that. It will harm my success. Before I go home, I asked my wife to support me in my new eating habits. I’ve set a plan for when I go home, to duplicate what I’ve been doing here.”

Eric, the president of Live in Fitness, has incorporated many philosophies and approaches to fitness that have helped so many in over 20 years in business. When asked what Derrick’s opinions on them, he could not agree anymore, “He [Eric] knows what he’s doing. If you abide by the plan, you’re going to have results. The mantra is important. You must know your why and must think about that often. You’re going to want to quit. You are going to get distracted. The meals, the detox I was experiencing, and an issue with my son the second week, were all distractions. I spoke with the coaches, and they guided me to overcome it. I remembered my why because I wanted to go home…but I stuck through it. Everything Eric says, it’s not about just the eating, or physical, it’s always about the mental, your purpose. If not, everyone will leave. They’re going to start making excuses to not give their full 110%. I overcame my difficulties, my struggles, because of my strong why and purpose.” 


While Derrick has loved every aspect of the program and that it was able to give him full control of his life again, here are some things he thoroughly enjoyed, “The food is awesome. Amazing. I love the hikes in the morning. They’re important to me. I push myself to get a third of my calorie burn goal while on the hikes. When I get my third of my calorie goal, my success in attaining my overall goal increases. That’s been the key. I love all the classes. My favorites are spin and boxing. It’s hardcore. The culinary experience with Jason was phenomenal. It is the best, well worth it. Do it!”


Before Derrick completes his time here in the program, here is his lasting piece of advice, for those who are still contemplating attending the program, “Most importantly, get it early. Everything. Your calorie daily burn goal. Personal motto. Don’t procrastinate. When you have to peel me off the floor, at least I know I got it early. I’ve found, that when you give it all you got in the beginning of the day, you will always have energy to keep going, to finish the day off strong.”

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