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Kathryn K, 75: Transforming Mind and Body

Kathryn K. Lost Over 20 Pounds!


Kathryn K. (KK), 75, a retired SICU/CV ICU nurse and quality coordinator, initially planned a two-week stay, but soon recognized she needed more time to truly transform. Extending her stay to five weeks in total, she has not only excelled in her fitness journey but also profoundly shifted her mindset. We are in awe of her determination and deeply inspired by her ability to redefine what’s possible at any age.

Thanks to an online search, KK found Live in Fitness, “I’ve been depressed and upset. I gained 30 pounds over the holidays. I meditated on it, hoping to figure out the answer. I got on the computer, and I typed fitness camps. Live in Fitness was the first one I saw. I researched Live in Fitness, spoke with Sammie, she told me about it and made my decision. Well, I’m here!”

Coaches at Live in Fitness always ask their clients “why are you here?” to reiterate what they want to get out of the program. This is KK’s ‘why,’ “Last year, I went on a vacation from July to August. I was able to maintain my weight, kind of fluctuating from my 163. Over the holidays, I gone up to 193. This time, I gained 30 pounds.  The other times this would happen, I would gain around five to eight pounds, nothing severe like this. I felt depressed. I would eat all the wrong things such as sugar, ice creams, you name it. I would be eating things I wouldn’t be used to eating. I was out of control! Each morning, I would be on track and then every day at noon, I would get off track. I needed a lifestyle change and Live in Fitness really gave me the change I really needed, the reset.”

She continues, “I kept blaming my vegetarian diet, my husband, a birthday with a cake. But when I was reading Eric’s book, The Blueprint Method, the problem was clear as day, it was me! I was letting myself go. I was allowing myself to go off track and become this crazy woman that I wasn’t meant to be.”  She shares what her true struggles were during her weight gain, “The eating part was my biggest struggle. I exercised five days a week. Even though I was gaining weight, my friends were supportive and didn’t make any comments about it because they love me just the way I am. I also didn’t weigh myself for a whole month. When I go back, my friends and my trainer will be my accountability partners. I have a set plan.”

The expectations KK had for the program were both right on but made an amazing discovery on her own, “I expected hiking. Which is wonderful. I expected to exercise, three hours in the morning and afternoon. But I had no idea it’d be this hard. The slower I do exercises, whether it be a bicep curl or a lat pulldown, the harder it is! The results have been phenomenal. This is incredible.” 

KK lost a total of 20 pounds during her stay here, a great success! She shares how she feels about her progress, “I’m thrilled with my progress. I can’t wait to see what my results are on the Saturday I leave. One of the goals I have for myself is when I lose 30 pounds, I get to have a facelift. I’m excited for that!”


Live in Fitness is a science lab that gets results. When you follow the program to the intricate detail, many will see the results they never knew they could see again. KK elaborates on what key aspects in the program worked for her, “Everything. Food is delicious. I’m never hungry. The bed, the pillows, the accommodations are great. The exercises are exciting, hard, and fun. What’s exciting is I’m not supposed to run, but I ran on the treadmill. I’m happy with being able to do this since I couldn’t initially.”

Eric Viskovicz, President of Live in Fitness, has implemented his philosophies and approaches to fitness that will enhance anyone who has come through the doors. KK shares her opinion on these philosophies, “I think Eric told me exactly what I needed to have. Eric told me what I needed to do, and I was like, ‘yes, I will do it.’ He is very motivating to me and to everyone. The coaches are as well. This whole program has blown my mind.”   

Being here for five weeks, KK shares some of the highlights from her stay, ranging from what her favorite food, to exercises, and classes, “Hiking. All the gym work. The park bootcamp. Boxing. I love them all. It’s hard to pick. I always think my body needs that and I’m like, oh, I need that too! I can’t identify one, I love them all. My favorite meal that the chef prepared was the strawberry and blueberry goat cheese salad. Superior.”

As a lasting piece of advice, from someone who knows the ins and outs of Live in Fitness, follow the direction of this rockstar, “When you want to stop, just tell yourself to do it. Eric will motivate you. All the trainers are amazing and they’ll get you to your goals. The positive environment is motivating and that’s what helped me get through. The belief in the clients and love go a long way. The way they are attuned to each client, making sure they’re in correct form, really gets us closer to getting the best results.”

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