Man Loses 18Lbs in ONE WEEK!


James Ferguson, 33, from Boston, Massachusetts, set foot in Live in Fitness on August 14th. In a span of a week, James lost a total of 18 pounds. What a substantial amount! These are the kinds of results we strive to push people towards. It might not be 18 pounds, but in each case, everyone is different, having a customized plan for each person that comes to this retreat. James will be completing his second week here but before he leaves, his story could possibly change your mind into attending this result-based fitness retreat.

James found Live in Fitness by extensive online research, exploring for options to turn his life around. “I hit my highest way weight. I was in the hospital for leg inflammation. My legs were turning purple. I was at a point where I needed to make a change. There weren’t inpatient binge eating programs for men in my area. So, my thinking was, what if I can get the weight off first or build better habits. I was looking for a program that would help me keep better habits. I found a lot of programs. Ones that wouldn’t help me. They did things such as meditating under a waterfall, singing around a fire. What I needed was a big kick in the ass. When I looked up Live in Fitness, in bold letters, I saw, “not a spa.” When you look up fitness retreats, there are spas included.”

This is James second time in the program. Like many others that have come to Live in Fitness, some need a reset to their lives. “Initially, my performance improved. I saw my energy increase. I wasn’t winded. I wasn’t tired. I could have conversations with my mom without getting winded. A definite life change. Ten months after I left, I fell into a depression. My biggest struggle is consistency and keeping up with my workouts. In the past, it was binge eating but it is not as bad as it used to be. I called Jermaine and asked if I could come back but finances were an issue. Eric, [the finder of Live in Fitness], was able to help me out. Staff is different. Routines were different. Last time, my range of motion was the focus. Staff is great. Program is awesome. If you put in effort, it is impossible to not lose weight or not to feel somewhat successful.”

James’ expectations prior to coming to Live in Fitness had a solid idea on what it was going to be like, “I done a tong of research. I saw Eric’s videos on the program, about Jermaine. I had a pretty good idea on what it was going to be like, but my body wasn’t prepared for it, mentally as well. I’m glad I am back here; I know this is where I needed to be. This place has saved me for the second time.”

James has made huge strides towards his overall goal, “I am only here for two weeks. I wish I could have more time to get a solid schedule, build stronger habits, but I am glad I came here for that kickstart. I feel better. I’ve built steps for me to continue when I get home. Some of my long-term goals is to run farther without getting winded. I would love to move like I used to. I just want to be able to do things and not be restricted by my weight.”

What has worked for me here at Live in Fitness is the consistency. I’ve been enjoying my time here. I love it all. The clients are great. The staff is amazing. The program is tough but it but it is not impossible. There are modifications, saying you can’t do it is bullshit and they will make a way for you to be successful in that movement. I love the program. It has helped me and its mentally improved my health. My favorite class is boxing or anything that I am burning the calories or increasing the mobility is great. My favorite chef dishes are chilaquiles, salads with fruits are fantastic, and the salmon.”

James words of wisdom are short and to the point, “There is no tomorrow, get up and do it”

Come and make the decision today to change your life forever!

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