Man Loses 14 Pounds in ONE WEEK!

I’d like to introduce to you James M., an IT Consultant from British Columbia, Canada. This gentleman came to Live in Fitness on August 14th, 2023. In a week, James lost a total of 14.35 pounds. James great work ethic has gotten him those well-earned results. But with those who come and go between our doors, with many stories to tell and journeys to keep trekking, this is his story.

James discovered Live in Fitness through an internet search by his sibling. “My brother’s wife was doing an internet search. She showed it to my brother, and we had a conversation. I finally had time off from working four years in a row and my brother approached me and nudged me into this direction into doing something like this. In a week, I made the decision to come.”

Although some people are attending the program for various of reasons, James’ goal is to lose as much weight as he can. He shared when his weight gain started. “Before covid, I lost 80 pounds. During this time, I was using Keto. When I stopped Keto, all my weight came back. I started to notice that, with this weight gain, my computer chair was beginning to feel smaller. My clothes that I just bought wouldn’t fit in my leg. My self-esteem went down. I was depressed. I kind of threw myself into work. Not having an external to exercise felt completely out of my habits. My biggest struggle during this time was stress, huge. Boredom was another. I was like, ‘let’s get some doordash!’ I got tired when I cooked, so it was easier to get food from outside. I figured that if I were to walk to the restaurant and come back, I’d get my steps in, but it did not work in the long run.”

Upon arrival, James had some initial expectations for Live in Fitness and shared some insight by being here a week. “I knew it would be challenging. What I was hoping to get was an overwhelming understanding of what my size needs to do in terms of health, such as exercise and dietary help. In my case, every exercise is more challenging when you are my size. I enjoy food a little too much and so by coming here, I know what portion control looks like. I am building healthier habits with food and what I need to do at home. Now, the exercises haven’t been as hard as I thought but it’s been appropriate. What I expected, was to lose 10 to 15 pounds a week which I pushed and exceeded. My expectations have shifted. I try to do what I can and if I need a modification, the coaches are helpful to do so for me.”


James shares how ecstatic he is about his progress so far. “I feel pretty good honestly. I don’t feel lighter yet, but I feel better, and I have more energy. My ultimate fitness goal is to feel better every day. My immediate fitness goal is to get down 50 pounds. Long term is 75 pounds but, baby steps.”

“What has worked for me, in this program, is that the food is better than I expected. The dietary help has been great. The staff is helpful. I never thought I’d do these many steps in a day. I had over 25 thousand steps yesterday. Working around injuries, too, from the staff has been helpful. What I have enjoyed about this program is the great group of supportive people. You can go at your own pace, but you’re pushed to do whatever you can. Overtime, if you do that, you can get incrementally better.”

Here at Live in Fitness, we take pride in giving classes everyone can enjoy while burning classes. Chef Jason also gives a complete variety of foods that makes eating healthy, fun! James shared what his favorite class and foods are, “Cardio intervals are my favorite. Chef Jason made this salmon with an assortment of spices yesterday, it was fantastic.”

For those who are still contemplating attending the program, James gives reassurance to those who are still in the middle of making a solid decision to join, “Mentally commit. You think you shouldn’t tell your friends, but you should because your friends will support you. I only told four people before I came here, but after a week, I told more people after I completed my first week and everyone was so supportive.”

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