Client of The Week “Unlocked His Mobility”


Christopher, 37, a software engineer from Westminster, Colorado, came to Live in Fitness with a goal that is too big to fail. Nothing would hold this man down from taking his life by the horns and becoming a better version of himself. His story will declare that, by working your butt off and overcoming pain throughout the day, will guarantee you the results you wanted and more. 


Christopher came about Live in Fitness by a YouTube video that was produced by a known influencer, “Will Tennyson YouTube video. It randomly popped up on my feed and I thought it was interesting. I watched his video, and I was like, that looks extremely difficult. It took me another week after that to make my decision to come. I reached out via email. Sarah, the vice president of the company, got back to me. A couple days before I arrived, she set me up. It was an immediate thing.” 

Christopher noticed a weight change close to three years, he goes in depth about his experience, “I’ve noticed the weight. I grabbed my waist and I told myself, I need to lose the weight. I decided no more two weeks ago. I didn’t want to be like this anymore. I’ve always told myself I need to get in shape. My weight gain affected my lifestyle. I was lethargic. I was not positive. I didn’t care much about anything. I had negative internal dialogue. Low energy. My eating habits were garbage. I would eat grubhub, pizza, a lot of carbs, Noodle Company.  A not so balanced diet. I would eat two to three massive meals at a time. My biggest struggles were having bad habits set. They were hard to break by myself. Sleeping was a huge problem. I didn’t have a set sleeping routine. Hydration was out of the picture.” 

Those that have gone through the program have hands down reported that it is tough. This program demands effort. While expectations vary amongst everyone, prior to coming, Christopher had the right expectation set in place before his arrival and when he left, “I expected it to be exactly how software engineering bootcamp went. Which is, exactly what you get out what you put in. Tough. I knew I had to come here and do what they say, and not deviate from what they say. Now? The same. I knew it was going to be tough. If you sit out for a workout, you just missed out on 500 calories to burn. You must push. Modifications are set for others but if you can’t do that certain exercise, do something else.”

To gain three pounds of muscle and lose 12 pounds of fat are amazing results! Christopher shares how he feels about his progress and what his goals are, “I feel great about it. I feel much lighter. Just the volume of fat I lost, I just unlocked mobility and how better I move. When you are here, you are focused on losing fat and not just weight. It feels like freedom to unlock a better version of yourself. My ultimate fitness goal is to feel healthy because when I feel healthy, I just am happier and more positive. I’m wanting to be 180-200 pounds with body fat between 15-20 percent. Long term goal, I want to maintain my nutrition knowledge”

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