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Sebastien’s Transformation Journey at Live in Fitness

Sebastien's Transformation Journey at Live in Fitness

Sebastien (Seb), 28, from Quebec, Canada, came to Live in Fitness to achieve greater self-confidence. While there is nothing like a fitness retreat where Sebastien lives, he researched us to forever change his life. During his time here, Sebastien will truly be closer to achieving his goal of becoming the best version of himself. 


Sebastien had a wake-up call to his lifestyle while on vacation, “The past year, I was in Greece. I went to the water and the lifeguard said I was too heavy. I felt humiliated. From that experience, that was the changing point. I knew I needed to act. With that, I lost all my confidence, especially when I compared myself to when I was in shape. Some of the struggles that enabled my weight gain were traveling and work. Work was and is very stressful.” 


Every day, Sebastien performs to a level where you can tell he is eager to get to his goals. When asked about his progress so far, Sebastien expressed his feelings, “I am very happy. It was hard the first week. Thankfully, after the first week, I saw amazing results and that is the motivation to continue. My results are consistent and achievable.”


While Eric, the President of Live in Fitness, has deliberately put this program together to the finest detail, sharing his philosophies on fitness and coaching, Sebastien shares his opinions on these idealizations, “He’s real. Eric says it like it is and does not sugarcoat it. I appreciate that he is direct and will always be 100%. He is honest about everyone’s progress. 

He is a great role model in leading the example that even when you’re older, you can still look great. Seeing how he is at his age is a motivation for me. I like his coaching style. This style works for me, and it is what I need for me to get results. He is very knowledgeable and knows the information he shares.”

Seb continues to kick butt every single day, bringing the fire to each class as if it were his last. While Seb is only here for one week, he shares what he has enjoyed the most, “I’ve enjoyed the hikes. The spin class is awesome. The personal trainings have also been a great factor in my success. My favorite dishes made by Chef Jason have been all the breakfast foods.” 


As a lasting piece of advice, for those who are still contemplating changing their lives, Seb puts it nice and simple, very to the point, “Don’t give up! The results that I’ve gotten have motivated me to continue. They will do the same for you!”


Ready to embark on your own transformation? Join Sebastien and countless others who have achieved their fitness goals with the support of Live in Fitness and the Fit Culture App. Whether you’re aiming to lose weight, gain strength, or improve overall health, our app offers personalized training programs, expert coaching, and a supportive community to keep you motivated every step of the way.

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