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Fitness Camp Resolution Time

Live In Fitness – Fitness Camp Resolution Time

5 Keys to a Successful New Years Resolution
At our Fitness Camp we see a lot of new year resolutions. Below are Five keys to actually losing the fat and making a true lifestyle change. Are you ready? Excited?Do you believe you can do it?!
It’s Not Impossible, But You Have to Want It
How many shrinks does it take to change a light bulb?
Zero. The light bulb has to want to change. Yes, it’s a corny joke, but like all humor, there’s a kernel of truth to it – real change has to come from within. Outside influences may instigate change, but no resolution has a chance unless that “aha” light bulb goes on, and you really want it. At our Fitness camp we are always working on trying to get that aha moment. Who it comes from and at what point can be the hard part.
Still, real positive change is extremely difficult, and really wanting it isn’t enough. It takes persistence, vigilance, the right attitude, the right people and a lot of help. But if you really want it, and take advantage of the keys below, positive change will open doors for you that have probably been closed for way to long.
 Identify What You Want to Change
This means setting clear goals and writing them down. Countless studies show that people who write down their goals in detail have a higher probability of attaining those goals and being successful. When writing your goals, be honest with yourself and take a personal inventory of what has negatively affected you and your relationships. Then identify what you (honestly) need to change. At our Fitness camp what we do is have you start a business plan with goals short and long term. Mapping out your goals and helping to achieve them.
Find a Role Model
Or better yet, find more than one. Look for inspirational people who have what you want and do what they do. Self-help groups can be a great place to find other people who are striving to make the same behavioral changes. Look for someone(s) who is further along in their “change journey” and wants to see you succeed. The right person(s) will encourage you no matter what, understanding that you will encounter temporary failures and slips.
Constantly visualize how the change will positively affect and impact your life.  When you have a mental picture of what the impact of your change will be on your family, social and financial life, you are far more likely to take the actions necessary to stay on the right path. If you cant visualize it you can’t do it.
Choose the Right Company
This ties into looking for role models and inspirational people. Just as it’s true that misery loves company, positive people breed positive results. Optimism is contagious. Surround yourself and befriend happy optimistic and positive people.  Of course this isn’t always possible. There will undoubtedly be negative coworkers, family members, etc. that you can’t avoid. It’s important that you set clear boundaries with them…and budget the time you spend with them. At our Fitness camp no one gets left behind each employee can have all the knowledge in the world but you can’t teach caring.
Believe You Can Change
Just as you have to really want to change, you have to really believe you can.
If you don’t, you will give up. This may be difficult because you’ve had a series of past failures, but that was in the past. Now you really want it; you have defined goals; you’ve surrounded yourself with positive, encouraging people who are proof that change is possible, and you can see how great your life will be.
By  Aj Kelly

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