4 Ways to Enjoy Holiday Goodies Without Adding Weight

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4 Ways to Enjoy Holiday Goodies Without Adding Weight
The holiday season is here, and that means you are going to be bombarded by a barrage of tasty treats for a solid six weeks. Along with all those goodies comes a built-in excuse to forego your healthy diet and exercise regimen in favor of devouring these goodies while lazing in front of a warm fire — it’s no surprise that multiple studies show that most people gain about 10 pounds during the holiday season at an average of 2-3 pounds per week from November through New Year’s Day.
This doesn’t have to be you. At Live In Fitness, our coaches and counselors teach you some simple steps to take to avoid the holiday bulge and maintain your goals now and into the New Year.
Tip 1
Keep Moving – Some exercise is better than nothing. Go for a walk, park further away from the stores, take the stairs. All of these are ways you can keep training while out shopping and enjoying holiday festivities. This doesn’t mean you should drop your regular workout routine; it just means you can lose about 190-250 additional calories that may be added from food sampling, baking and office parties.
Tip 2
Watch What You Eat – It is so tempting to try new, fun things, especially on those holiday buffet tables. Stay focused on your goals. It is ok to have a small item of something you may like, but try to stay by the fruits and veggie platters, pace your eating and look at quality versus quantity.
Tip 3
Nibble Smart – As I stated in the previous tip, it is very tempting to try a little bit of everything. But resist the urge to nibble. Nibbling can also be disastrous when waiting for a party to begin, an additional guest or the main course. Choose sweet or salty snacks in moderation. Choose protein snacks over less ideal snacks like empty sugar or carb snacks.
Tip 4
Minimize Festivities To A 1 Day Event  – Thanksgiving to New Year’s is called the Holiday Season, but the key is to avoid a six-week vacation from healthy eating. If you can’t keep your day celebration down to one meal, pick one day to celebrate and let it be over. Also don’t stop your normal exercise routine. The longer it takes you to get back to your usual workout, the harder it will be to reach your weight goals.
If you keep these tips in mind, they will help you stay on track. Don’t obsess when you take a day or two to splurge these next few weeks, but don’t let the focus on feasting and shopping cause you to give up what you worked so hard for this year.

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