Lost An Amazing 11.5 lbs | Client of the Week | Trina

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LIF’s Client of the Week– Congratulations Trina who lost an amazing 11.5 lbs in 1 week at Live-in-Fitness.

Trina is from Nashville, Tennessee and is a founder and CEO of a non-profit organization.  As a teenager she was active and athletic playing collegiate basketball. She grew up in a small town that was prevalent in drug use and found herself being led down that road.  This misuse led her sadly lose custody of her children and she ended up being incarcerated for several years. During this time, her weight soared to 452 lbs but during this dark period and rehabilitation, she found her purpose and calling.  Learning from studies and talking for experience and her heart she found herself counselling others and being asked to speak as a guest speaker in many meetings. Her story and heartfelt passion influenced many to make a change for the better in their lives.  At first she started a cleaning service that proved successful. This along with writing her own grant, helped to fund her Non- Profit (A Resource for Women)  She dedicated 18 years of her life to this cause and from humble beginnings with one house now services and aids a 4 block radius.  This gave her little time to focus on herself and her own self care. She did lose 150 lbs but always fluctuated around that weight.

She chose Live-in-Fitness as a life changing decision after she was diagnosed with an enlarged heart and her doctor recommended emergency weight loss surgery as an immediate solution. This extreme response from her doctor prompted her to take action and accountability, after all she had allowed herself to gain this weight by not taking care of herself.  She lost 16 pounds and decided she wanted to lose the weight naturally or at least try. Live-in-Fitness with the level of program offered, all inclusive with accommodations, meals, classes and educational workshops seemed the perfect choice. Trina is forever grateful that she came!!

When asked about her experience at LIFE?

The program is well designed with a variety of classes and options to choose from.  Modifications and adjustments are made based on each clients limitations and range of motion.  The focus and emphasis placed on calories burned and movement. The coaches and team challenge you daily and hold you accountable for your own success.  Show up and give your best. This program and the success I have had with it has completely changed my outlook on my life.  I want to live a full life and fully understand that ‘Fuel is Food’ My children are all back in my life and are my biggest support system.  I am excited for this new chapter in my life where I am committed to putting myself first. My children have set up a membership at the local YMCA for me and I have trainer scheduled and a chef to help prepare healthy meals. My energy levels, alertness and awareness is back.  My sleep has increased from 3 hours to 6 hours.

I have this renewed sense of freedom, clarification and piece of mind

I would recommend this program to anyone.  It’s truly is a game & life changer.

This experience at Live-in Fitness by far has been the highlight of 2019


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  Complete Tabata Workout

So you are on a time stricken schedule and you have set aside time to get your work out in. You
stretch for 5 minutes. Do some calisthenics and jump on the treadmill to get your heart rate up and
blood flowing. As you are about to get off you think to yourself I don’t know where to start, what should
I do first? You slowly move around the gym to numerous exercise machines and free weights. You are
feeling pretty good and just when you are thinking of doing something that it actually going to benefit
you your time is up and you have to get back to work. This goes on for, let’s say a good month before
you realize you have accomplished. NOTHING! A huge bummer, you desperately search for a change.
The change starts with a “T” and ends “abata”…Tabata. A high intense work out that can take
your basic movements and but a fire right up underneath them. Twenty seconds of work followed by 10
seconds of rest for eight rounds. A total of 4 minutes. Seems easy, but I guarantee you at the end of this
you will feel as if you worked out in the gym for hours.
So let’s take this a step further and start adding some of your favorite body weight movements
to put together a calorie incinerating work out.
Workout #1: Bodyweight movements only
Start with the push up following the 20s of work followed by 10s of rest for 8 rounds. When you
finish your last repetition of the push up, catch your breath for 10s and move on to Jump squats.
Continue until you finish with Burpees.

First) Push Ups- All the way to the floor and extend the elbows at the top of the push up.
Second) Jump Squats- Squat as low as you can and jump as high as you can and catch yourself

back into a squat position using your legs as breaks.

Third) Sit ups- Contract your abdominals and get try to get your shoulders past your hip crease

as best as you can

Fourth) Burpees- Reach down with both hands, jump both feet back and perform a push up.

Jump both feet back in, stand and jump off the ground.

The high intensity of Tabata really revs up your heart right as well as your metabolism. You can
build up our cardio as well as build muscle at the same time. With the combination of increasing your
metabolism and lean muscle results in fat going down and strong lean muscle going up. The more
muscle you put on the more calories you will end up burning not just in your work out but during the
entire day. You will also burn more calories after your work out doing nothing but resting because of the
high intense nature of the exercises you are performing. In the end you will not have to figure out what
to do or how long it might take you to get an actual beneficial work out in. After your first Tabata you
will know you can count on it every time.


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