Darlen lost 9.8lbs – Client of the Week

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Darlen lost 9.8lbs

Congratulations to our Client of the Week – Darlene who lost  9.8 lbs in her first week of her new lifestyle change & journey.

Darlene grew up as a single child in North Brunswick, NJ and is a retired professional transportation coordinator that  worked for the University of Medicine & Dentistry. She then moved on to work and dedicate 2 years to a center called ‘Moving Forward Community Wellness Center’.

Darlene was always socially active as a child, participating in girl scouts, drama class and enjoyed home economics.  Due to health and medications, Darlene started to gain weight at a young age and continued, gaining over 150 lbs. She felt guilty, lethargic and developed a poor self image of herself although remaining social with her church and community.  In 2001, Darlene was told by doctors she had 6months to live due to congestive heart failure & stage 3 kidney failure. Over time she also developed rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis which left her debilitated and wheelchair bound for over 6 months.  All she had left to believe in was her Faith and the support of her brother who was also a minister. Darlene also lost her mother and used food as her comfort and coping mechanism as her mother did with her growing up. Eating a lot of night time snacks in bed and consuming a gallon of Napoleon Ice Cream a week.  This caused her weight to reach an all time high of 316 lbs.’

Through her work and caring of others, particularly a close friend, she decided to write a book about their journey titled ‘A Rose at my Feet’ by Darlene A Walker. With her inheritance Darlene decided to do something for herself.  She wanted longevity of life and knew it was time to do something about. In recent years she discovered she had 2 brothers who had spent years searching for her and that was an Auntie to 7 nieces and nephews.  Her legacy and family lives on.

Darlene chose Live-in-Fitness after reading all the inspiring testimonials on the website and decided to call right there and then. She signed up for 8 weeks with a goal to lose 50 lbs. She was in a lot of pain and i mobile and knew the only way to improve was through healthy exercise and movement.

When asked what she liked most about the program?

The staff are friendly, efficient and kind exceeding all expectations.  They hold you accountable. The meals are fresh, delicious and portioned just for you.  Fuel for your body. My favorite activities by far are aqua aerobics and lap swim. I feel free and light in the water. The other classes are fun too and the lectures are very informative.  I have the passion back to cook but this time to cook healthy and nutritious meals. I intend to join the gym when I return home as I continue to work on my LIFE plan. I have my confidence back to just go out there and do it, do it for me…

There are no excuses, take that  step and leap of faith and just go, the rest will fall into place.

My daily mantra to live by- “I can and I will”

Thank you Live-in-Fitness.  This experience has been life changing.


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