34 Year Old loses 33 lbs of pure fat!

34 year old man loses 33 pounds of pure fat!

Brandon Watson is a 34 year old traveling nurse from Texas. Since being at Live in fitness he has lost 33 pounds of fat!

 “I was looking for a wellness retreat at first, but my search turned into “fitness retreat”. I kept finding spas but that wasn’t what I wanted; I wanted to focus on fitness. And lo and behold I found the Live in Fitness website and it said right there that it is “not a spa”! I was looking for workouts and fitness so that I could hit my goals fast.”


Brandon didn’t grow up as an athlete, but as an adult he had some friends that invited him to the gym and taught him a bit about fitness and he discovered that he really enjoyed it. But even with some successes, he felt that he was unfocused and not hitting his aesthetic goals. “I didn’t really know what I was doing. I was all over the place. So I was looking for a place that would really help me dial in.”


“Live in Fitness has been a huge confidence booster. I feel more confident in the way I look, and there are things that I didn’t know that I was capable of that Live in Fitness has taught me that I can do.” Brandon has discovered motivation to keep going, all with the help of Live in Fitness showing him that he is strong and capable.


“I think everything Eric teaches is very logical and makes perfect sense. He talks so much about building lean muscle mass and maintaining that muscle mass. We always hear about losing “weight” but he communicates about losing fat (which is weight) and maintaining and building muscle. Even as a nurse I wasn’t aware of this. I have learned so much about how to help people be healthy and stay in homeostasis. The science behind what Eric teaches should be something everyone hears. Everyone needs to hear about how to be healthy, not just how to stop being sick”.


Brandon went on to share with excitement that the way Eric teaches health and fitness is so easy to understand and is something that he can apply at home and at work and highly recommends Live in Fitness to anyone looking to make a change. “It’s like you’re looking up a set of stairs. Just take the first step. Just one step at a time. A lot of this is physical but so much of it is mental and you just have to take that step and believe in yourself that you CAN do it and that you will do it. Also, I think I expected almost exactly what I haven seen at Live in Fitness. The living accommodations are a lot nicer than I expected.I didn’t have expectations about the food but boy was I surprised about how amazing the food is! Jason’s tacos were my absolute favorite!”

“I feel like my progress is right on track. I knew it was aggressive but wow I am so excited about how well I am doing. And the people you meet who are also at Live in Fitness make the stay so amazing. Everyone has such amazing stories and you really get to know people who are on their own journey.”

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