“If I can do it, you can do it!”

Karla Truitt has tried everything to lose weight and for the first time she has discovered the keys to losing fat and getting healthy! Karla admittedly has struggled with her weight for her entire life. “I ate whatever I wanted, and then I would do unhealthy fad diets. I have literally tried everything to lose weight. Diet pills, cleanses, tummy tuck, liposuction, cutting certain foods out of my diet, and I have even been to a bunch of fat loss camps with no success. I tried everything and it didn’t work. But Live in Fitness is different, I have learned so much about what doesn’t work and being here, learning everything Eric teaches and following the program, I have already had success in two weeks and it is stuff that I know is life changing. I know that with the information and work that I have put in here at Live in Fitness and with all of the things that you have done to provide training for at home through FitClub TV that I can continue this at home.”



Karla was adamant to say that if she can do this program, anyone can. “Seriously, if I can do this program, anyone can do it. It’s a lot of work while you are here, that’s no joke. I have always wanted to get stronger and be able to do workouts and tough fitness stuff. I really want the help but I don’t like being told what to do; but coming here, the program, the coaches and their genuine care for all of the clients as individuals really motivate you to keep going past your limitations and see those results.”



“Since being at Live in Fitness, I have gained a lot more strength. It’s something I’ve always wanted, but also really to get my health in check and lose fat. I have lost fat, gained muscle, I am seeing changes in the way my body moves. I can do lunges and sit ups now which is something I could not do before! And, my blood sugar has leveled out. The meal plan has really taught me alot about what I should be feeding myself. I have accomplished so much here that when I go home I know that I can do so much on my own. Compared to how much we do here, getting up early, working out all day, it will be nothing for me to go home and get my workout in in the morning and do weight training on my own. You guys literally have everything in place… the aftercare program – the 30-day program – Eric has really thought of everything.”


Karla has made a place for herself at Live in Fitness as she encourages everyone else, is really a person people can talk to and her smile brightens every room she walks into. We are so proud of the work that she has done to take her fitness and health into her own hands and apply the principles and philosophies that Eric teaches to her life. She has learned how to push herself past discomfort and embrace difficult workouts to break through plateaus and hit her goals!

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