man gets off insulin while at live in fitness!

Ben Self has had quite the life changing journey while here at Live in Fitness. Since starting the program, he has lost 117 pounds of body fat and gained 40 pounds of lean muscle mass. The results seem dramatic, and the truth is they are, but he has spent 11 weeks so far committed to the process of fat loss with nutrition and fitness. But it is also a tremendous boost in confidence, “I am more outgoing and talk to more people. I have really expanded my ability to talk to new people and I see opportunities to help others. It started happening when new guests would come to the retreat and I saw ways that I could help them feel welcome or at ease with the new surroundings.”

This year is a year of transformation for him, knowing that he needed to make a change. Working in a medical and dental clinic, one of his co-workers did some research to help him find the right place to go. “She looked at a bunch of different programs across the nation and found Live in Fitness and shared it with me. It was the right fit. I knew that they had seen proven results for a long time.”

His family and co-workers were a huge part of the reason he decided to invest in himself. “I have always been heavy, since I was a kid. Always eating the wrong kinds of food and struggled my whole life with being overweight.” For Ben, it was time to do something about it. He booked 24 weeks at Live in Fitness and committed to the program.

“I had no clue I would get so much out of this program. I expected to get into a routine, but I had no idea that I would get so much more out of this place. The staff are incredible. They have helped motivate me and push me to do what I needed to lose weight. Not to mention the meal plan being done for you. The coaches, especially David, Gisell, and Spencer really make you engage in the workout. They aren’t drill sergeants, they are very intuitive with how they coach, encouraging and still push you when you don’t feel like it. I had a bad attitude when I came here and it took me about two weeks to really accept the help, but the coaches are so good about pushing you and yet respecting where we are each coming from.”

Ben said that the way that Eric has programmed out the schedule really works for him. Even though he has to juggle working while he is here, he has committed to doing what the trainers say to do and push through when things are uncomfortable. “The group workouts, the accountability, meal plan and preparation done for you, the coaches making modifications for you as an individual, make the whole program work so well. I didn’t expect to get this far. And, It’s not even in my mind to mess things up now or when I go home because I am seeing the results.”

When asked what advice he would give to anyone contemplating doing the program he said, “Just do it. You can think about it all day long, other people can talk about it and talk to you about doing it, but you just have to come and experience it. It is more than worth it for the investment. It could be a complete life change for you if that’s what you desire.”

Ben already sees doors of opportunity open up for when he goes home too. Being certified to help people with nutrition counseling and clients who need coaching and planning for diabetic nutrition. “Since coming to the retreat, I have been able to come off my insulin and I am now no longer diabetic. I now see the way to continue this lifestyle going forward and I can help others in their journey.”

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