“you will leave with new friends, new life, and new momentum

Jennifer is a 50-year-old business/management consultant who lives in Maryland. Jennifer discovered Live in Fitness, this results-based program from an online search. “In 2021, I was considering a fit camp. I got busy with travel and life, and I was like, dangit, I need to do it this year. I needed a jumpstart. I researched three facilities, and I was drawn to this one because of what I read and Eric’s expertise and testing.”

Jennifer noticed a weight change post menopause. “My body changed. When I went through menopause, I had no symptoms. I put on 30 pounds in about 18-20 months, and I wasn’t happy. I did blood work to understand what was happening internally. I found out that my female hormones decreased and was post-menopausal. I wasn’t happy about the 30-pound increase. I also had gastric surgery which led me to lose 100 pounds. So, to gain 30 pounds when my goal was to lose 30 pounds, was frustrating.”

While menopause took a toll on Jennifer’s body, she shares some of her other struggles that have played a part of her weight gain. “Snacking is my biggest struggle. I’ve been working from home for 12 years, I travel a lot, so not having a
consistent pattern with my eating habits was tough. I would be bored, and I would snack throughout the day. Another struggle I had was finding the momentum. I was so tired and finding the energy, the momentum, was challenging. I had the motivation, just the momentum was lacking. But I took a punch, so to say, and came here. I already knew what I needed to do; I didn’t know if I could do it but I just went for it.”

After a great two weeks, Jennifer feels accomplished with her goals. “I made good progress here, in terms that it reset my discipline for working out. It helped me reestablish my eating habits and patterns. It has also made me appreciate
smaller meals.”
While Jennifer has come closer to achieving her goals, she shares what her ultimate fitness goal is, “I want to get to a point where I feel like I am not carrying so much weight. I want to feel lighter. My goal is to lose 60 pounds, rediscover energy, and feel lighter to do more outdoor activities such as riding a bike or skydiving. Overall, I want to know that, by going through this next chapter in my life, that I did everything for me. Whether I live much longer or not, I at least want to live whatever time I have left, knowing that I took care of my mind, body, and spirit.” 

Eric’s philosophies and approach to fitness impacted greatly on Jennifer’s time here. “His knowledge about the body and how it works, along with the different issues people are experiencing physically, has been very much appreciative. The way he has developed his craft, taken an interest in people’s health, has impressed me that he cares immensely about people. I’ve been to a few fit camps, that charged me a pretty penny, that only cared about the financial gain. For what is offered at Live in Fitness, proves to me that Eric cares more for the people rather than the money he makes off people. It is more accessible for everyone. He’s great with coaching and he is open to receiving feedback which is important.”

Jennifer has made great progress here at Live in Fitness. She shared that her favorite dish that Chef Jason made were the Chilaquiles and Taco Tuesday! While there might be others contemplating coming to Live in Fitness and might be hesitant to do so, Jennifer has given some motivation to others that will help them join. “When you choose to attend LIF, you’re making a conscious decision, to improve not only your health, but something else more important that only you are aware of. It may seem scary that you’re going to be working out 6 hours a day but look beyond that. Because everyone comes here at their own level with their own goals, and everyone (staff and clients) will be here to support you. This is a no shame, blame, attack, environment. People accept you and you are free to rest. You’re free to take a break. You’re free to push yourself as little or as hard as you want. Come here because you know deep inside that you matter; that you are more than your body. You will leave LIF with new skills, new friends, and new momentum to achieve your health
goals and be your best self.”

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