Full Time Student Reaches the UNTHINKABLE!

Young woman loses 5 pounds and loses 1.44% in body fat in one week!!


What another great week at Live in Fitness! Shyann Summers, an 18-year-old young woman joined us last week on August 7th. As a full time student and a native to the Phoenix area, she has given herself two weeks to truly transform into someone she’s always dreamt of.  She has been here for two weeks and is about to finish off in a couple of days. Within the first week, she had no idea what kind of transformation she’d earn. 


Shyann is no stranger to Live in Fitness. “My mom started working for Sarah and Eric as a personal house cleaner. Then she started cleaning for the company and I would help.” As she is more than aware of what we do here. She decided to give it a shot. Shyann has truly put in the effort for her results. She’s been a vibrant and positive addition to the atmosphere of Live in Fitness. When asked about how she felt about her progress, she vocalized, “I feel good. I am happy that I lost five pounds in a week. I am hoping to lose another 5 pounds. I was hoping, in two weeks, to lose up to 10 to 20 pounds. I didn’t know what to expect for weight loss, but I am putting in the effort. Ultimately, I want to be 200 pounds. I don’t want to be winded going up the stairs and have more endurance.” 


Many people communicate why they “fell off the wagon.” Shyann vulnerably explained when she noticed a weight change, “I’ve always been heavy. My weight has gone up during the past couple of years, especially during Covid. I was home all the time, and I was eating out of boredom. Food was a comfort for me. It really affected me. With my weight gain, I had low self-confidence. During color guard, I wasn’t flexible and not being able to do what the other girls were doing, I felt embarrassed. My biggest struggle throughout has been food. I would binge eat. My grandma also enabled it because she would buy me junk food instead of healthy foods. We would eat out all the time such as burgers, any type of fast food, chips. I wasn’t exposed to eating healthy.”


Through and through, Shyann has been a rockstar. Certain aspects of the program really worked for Shyann, “The hikes. I lose a lot of calories on the hikes. I like the fun classes. I like deck of cards, Simon says, and step class. I feel like those classes keep my mind off of what I am doing. I like to have fun during my workouts. I also appreciate Chef Jason. I am a picky eater and I try really hard to eat his food but he is very accommodating. I don’t like cucumbers or broccoli, but I still eat them because I know they are good for me. Lastly, I enjoy the coaches. They are so encouraging along with everyone else I am working out besides.” 


While these things have ensured success for Shyann, she shares what favorite classes and chef dishes she enjoys. “I really enjoy step class and in the zone. I feel I do very well with those classes. Some of my favorite chef dishes are the coconut chicken curry, overnight oats, and the watermelon feta salad, that one was really tasty.” 


As Shyann is ending her time with Live in Fitness, she urges people to push through the ups and downs, “Definitely keep an open mind. Just push yourself harder than you think you can because you can. If your body says stop, try to listen to it, putting safety first obviously. Ibuprofen was my best friend during the first week.”

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