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“I Broke My Eating Cycle! Nutrition Is My Success!”

17 lbs of fat lost, 4 lbs lean mass gained!

Rammy is an Orthodontist in Europe. Working his long shifts and his stressful work envirnment provided habits and a cycle that he found hard to break!

” I was searching the internet for weight loss programs, and there was nothing like it in Europe, and LIF came up and it said it is not a spa. I saw that Eric trained a lot of athletes and it was somewhere I could train hard and be away from work and focus on my health!”

Rammy came to live in fitness to break the cycle of eating late, eating what he wanted, and focus on his health.

“I am an orthodontist – which is a pretty stressful job, long days. I dont eat until 8:00 pm and then I eat my full day at night. I will order food and eat whatever I want. I would wake up with good intentions but it would go to shit. By the time my day is over and I get hungry, then I am binge eating. Then I would punish myself and not eat breakfast or lunch and then I would be hungry at night again and I couldn’t break that cycle.”

When asked how he feel now, Ramtin gave us insight to what he feels he feels he has learned here at LIF.

“I feel like I understand food – that is the big one for me so far. I always have problems with food and understanding what to do with nutrition. This is the first time that I am confident about what I need to be doing with my food. The education is a game changer for me.”

Rammy now has the knowledge to obtain success when it comes to his eating habbits. When we asked what he would tell others contmeplating the program, his response was perfect!

“If you are thinking about doing this program, do it! It’s about controlling your own narrative. this place is a no-brainer. You just need to do it.”

Rammy has lost 17lbs of fat during his stay! An continues to work on his health. His last piece of advice to you touches on the thought of nutrition.

“Diet is 90% of the success. Being knowledgeable about the correct way of eating is so vitally important. If I had known this about nutrition stuff five years ago, I would not have been in this situation.”

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