I Lost my “Work Stress” Weight!

Danny lost 6+% body fat and gained 2 pounds in lean muscle!

Danny Loudon is a 58 year old retired firefighter from Kansas City, Missouri who is used to being physically active throughout his life. About 15 years ago, the stresses of the job, a promotion, and a knee injury led him to be less active and the weight set in. Danny would try to be active but felt limited by his knee and the weight gain made it more difficult to move.

Feeling more and more uncomfortable, he began to explore wellness centers and weight loss retreats online until he discovered Live in Fitness. He was specifically piqued by the fitness focus and Live in Fitness “not being a spa” because he wanted to see dramatic results. “Not to be dramatic, but there was a good chance that this experience saved my life. I feel like I can do things now that if I didn’t change I would not be able to do and I risked dropping dead.”

Danny said that initially he set his expectations low because though he hoped for big changes he wasn’t sure if he would be able to accomplish them. “At first I had a small goal, but Live in Fitness has taught me that I can set bigger goals and reach them. I thought I would come here and realistically lose 20 pounds in four weeks, but then I lost 27 pounds in 3 weeks and it blew my mind. I knew by the time I left I could hit a much bigger goal. I know that when I go home, I can take everything I learned about burning fat, building muscle, and nutrition and apply it on my own.”

Danny’s bright eyes lit up as he laughed when he talked about nutrition and the food served to the clients everyday. “It’s really amazing what you guys do to feed the clients – every plate meticulously portioned out for each of us personally. It’s really amazing what goes into every meal. And Eric did such an amazing job explaining how the different proteins, carbs, and fats should be broken down and portioned out. He made it make so much sense.”

He raved about chef Jason’s meals saying, “My wife wants to come out to Arizona to meet the man who made me eat vegetables.”

“This whole experience has changed my life. The program provided so many opportunities, the knowledgeable and attentive coaches, and the lectures teaching me about health, nutrition and balance in my life. I have learned so many things, this place has done wonders for me!”

He concluded by saying that everyone and everything – the clients, staff, program, and knowledge – have made a deep impact on his life. “When we leave Live in Fitness, this place doesn’t leave us.”

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