Client of the Week George

George lost an amazing 8.64% fat in only two weeks. He also put on 4.15 lbs of lean mass in only two weeks. It’s unbelievable but true. Work hard and the results will come. please remember these results are almost impossible and results may vary from person to person.


Q: How did you come about Live-in-Fitness and first meet Eric?

A: I met Eric in 2012 when I attended the location in California, I was impressed by the program and my great results. So when I decided I wanted to go back to a fitness camp. I told my wife I want to go to the fitness camp I remembered attending back in 2012.




Q: Where are you from?


A: Lancaster PA.




Q: What is your career?


A: Owner of a family Tennis Club 




Q: When did you notice a weight pattern or change if it applies?


A: I think everybody comes in at the very beginning of the program and you have expectations of what you think you are going to do. I also saw people around me and I could hear the results some other people were getting. Some were good and some bad and I just decided I was going to put in the hard work needed to achieve my goals. By day three the food was incredible! I just felt better and I really noticed the difference! 



Q: How did it make you feel/or affect your lifestyle?

A: When I was on my walk on the third day I could feel my body changing I just felt like things were going well. This has always been the lifestyle that I want to live. Waking up in the morning eating healthy, working out, and feeling good! For me, this was a very big reset to carry on once I leave the program. It’s easy to fall back into your old trap once you leave the program. I believe Live in Fitness has given us all the tools to be able to continue our progress on our own at home. Eric really pushes you by giving you all the tools you need at home. 



Q: What did you expect when coming here to Live in Fitness? Then & Now?

A: The one thing I think people should really know is that if you are coming here with the mindset you are attending a resort it’s not. What I do know, Eric’s system works! You come here and put in the work. If you come to Live in Fitness and do what you are supposed to do and you eat the food without variations and without cheating, you will get good results and it’s been proven. My expectation when I came back this time is to remember why I am here. The California location was beautiful it was incredible! At first, once I got dropped off at the hangar (the gym) I was like “uh oh” For the first 2 days I was nervous unsure if I wanted to stay. Then you settle in…so I was like ok, I am not here for a resort, I am here to get in good shape! So I followed the program and worked hard on what I needed to do. That was the biggest part for me. Understanding I came here for the program, not the accommodations!



Q: How do you feel about your progress so far this time?


A: My results blew me away! 





Q: What is your opinion on Eric’s philosophies and approach to fitness and coaching?


A: He does an incredible job! I mean Eric really does know his stuff with the equal carbohydrates, protein, and the portion of that as fat. I think that the recipe he believes in is incredible. Now I know protein is a big deal! The two takeaways I will be taking from my stay are much more protein and incorporating more weight training in my routine.





Q: What do you look for in a Coach?


A: I struggle to take advice from someone who is not knowledgeable in their field. Second, someone who knows when to push me when I need to be pushed and compassionate when needed. I believe those are the biggest qualities in a coach and a great feel for a coach. I look for a coach who can be able to sense when to push a little harder and when to have a little grace. I think that the fine line is very important.




Q: What did you enjoy about the program? classes? lectures? staff? clients? favorite Class? What have been your favorite chef dishes?


A: My favorite class is Luca’s flexibility and mobility class. I don’t work on this enough at home. Chefs meals to be honest were a home run! Every single meal I looked forward to, the food is obsolete exceptional!



Q: What advice would you give others contemplating attending the program?


A: I would tell them the program works!




Q: What advice would you give to others? Quote? Statement?

A: The one thing for me that I preach to my children all the time is to stay present and breathe. Even when I was thinking about leaving, in the beginning, is that I think our mind likes to spend time in the future or in the past. When I am working out and things get tuff I just remind myself to breathe and stay present taking one minute at a time. 

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