Client Of The Week. Dennis!

Dennis lost 16 pounds of body fat and gained 5 pounds of lean body mass!


Dennis is a 51-year-old actor and voice artist who lives in Texas around the San Antonio area. The results he discovered at Live in Fitness were a huge surprise. “I didn’t know what to expect when coming to Live in Fitness. The truth is, I expected to wash out of the program by day three. For all I’ve accomplished in my life, physical fitness has always been my Everest. I’ve tried a lot of approaches with moderate success but never stuck with anything. There are a lot of reasons…well, excuses, as to why, but it really boils down to giving up when it got too hard. This time, I stuck it out and pushed…pretty damned hard! Why? I don’t think it’s any one thing. I was just ready to be serious. But more importantly, the program stressed lots of progress and multiple wins, with each one celebrated by the LIF team and my classmates.”


Dennis discovered Live in Fitness and this transformation center after an online search. “I was looking for something based in hard science that was more challenging than a “spa” retreat, but less intense than a military boot camp. Live in Fitness seemed to fit and being here proved that to be so.”


“In the two weeks that I was here, I lost 16 pounds of pure fat and gained 5 pounds of lean body mass. This experience proved to me that where I had been limiting myself in terms of my physical abilities, those limiting beliefs were stripped away. And I owe it to the LIF program, the coaches, the staff, and my classmates who are now my new, and lifelong friends.”


“I’m fully bought into Eric’s approach & philosophy. I would describe it as a trifecta of head, heart, and body. It’s about what you think, how you feel emotionally, and your contact with the planet. …The science of physical fitness is proven by the consistency of the results; mine results and all the others who’ve stuck with the program. The program [is] about being positive, which doesn’t mean withholding criticisms or concerns, instead it’s about believing that you, and your peers in the program, can take that next step. And also believe that everything that every trainer does is being done to help you. The thinking dimension emphasizes finding one’s purpose and REAL priorities.


“If you’re serious about being your best self, you can set aside pettiness, keep your mind open, and stay positive even when it’s hard. DO THIS PROGRAM! It will change your life. But don’t lie to yourself…if you just WISH you were fitter but don’t REALLY WANT IT, this isn’t for you…and I don’t know what is.”


He learned so much about nutrition and the fundamentals of weight loss and body fat loss. “The lift techniques, the form & posture correction, and the reinforcement that body composition is a more realistic goal and maintainable lifestyle than pure pounds on the scale. And Jason’s nutrition math was the most practical. Amelie’s classes on “why” and limiting beliefs were fantastic. Knowing where Dennis came from prior to arriving and seeing him discover just what he is capable of is inspiring. “I’m ecstatic with the progress in the last two weeks and excited, albeit nervous too, about keeping momentum under my own direction. But I believe I can do it. My ultimate goal, which I adjusted some after visiting with Eric, is to get to 200 pounds at 14% body fat. At a modest pace, I can do that in 6 months. At a more intense pace, I believe I can do it in half that time.”


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