lost 12 pounds TOGETHER!

Lee lost a total of 5 lbs in one week! With a
1.99% drop in body fat percentage and 6.21
lbs change in fat mass all with an increase of
1.21 lbs in lean muscle mass!

Steven lost a total of 7 lbs in one week! With
a 2.3% drop in body fat percentage and A 7.18
lbs change in fat mass all with an increase of
0.18 lbs in lean muscle mass!

Congratulations on THE ClientS of the WeeK! WE ARE SO HAPPY THEY ARE DOING THIS JOURNEY TOGETHER! great work on your
weight loss & lean mass gain Lee and Steven! BY sharing THEIR story THEY HOPE TO inspire others to follow in THEIR steps IN becoming FIT AND FREE OF THEIR WEIGHT!


q: How did you come about Live-in-Fitness and first meet Eric? 

a: I researched numerous fitness and weight loss residential camps online and chose LIVE IN FITNESS. wE had put weight on during COVID and needed a reset as we brought in the New Year of 2023. This time WE DECIDED TO DO IT TOGETHER!


q: Where are you from? 

a: Montgomery ALABAMA


Q: What is your career? 

a: lEE IS retired from Alabama Medicaid Agency, Deputy Commissioner. AND Steve is a retired Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) who still works a little part-time.


q: When did you notice a weight pattern or change if it applies? 

a: The weight gain was gradual when the world as we had known it came to a halt because of COVID. The gym we were going to at home WAS closed because of COVID and in-store grocery shopping for fresh food became more challenging. Steve and I both put on about 15 lbs DURING THE PANDEMIC.


q: How did it make you feel/or affect your lifestyle?

a: With the weight gain, we felt sluggish and neither of us cared for the belly fat.


q: What did you expect when coming here to LIVE IN FITNESS? then & now?

a: BECAUSE I (LEE) had been in 2020, I had a good idea that it would be familiar. It is not a spa. It is not a place to exercise at leisure. It is a structured environment built for success for people serious about losing weight, getting fit, staying fit, and learning how to care for themselves at home after THEIR TIME AT LIVE IN FITNESS.


q: How do you feel about your progress so far this time? 

a: We are very pleased with our progress. We are in our late 60s and knew it would be challenging to gain lean muscle mass at our ages. However, I knew from my time in early 2020 that gaining lean muscle mass at my age is possible under a multifaceted program that monitors calories, weight, and body mass (via the weekly body dunks) and follows up with a prescribed meal plan designed by Eric to lose weight and gain lean mass. We have taken advantage of some of the offerings INCLUDING stretching sessions, personal training, and quicker recovery.


Q: What is your opinion on Eric’s philosophies and approach to fitness and coaching?

a: It is clear that Eric is passionate about helping people get fit and feel better. He is involved in the review of each participants resting metabolic rate, calories burned each day, and fat. His program includes take-home resources including FitClubTv, a 30-day nutritional plan, and many resources on the Live In Fitness website.


q: What do you look for in a Coach?

a: Someone knowledgeable about the age-related needs of the clients they help, and a combination of “Push” (no slacking) and encouragement. sUCH AS PUSHING OUR incline up when it’s clear WE can handle it but OFFERING a modification when something is too challenging.


q: What did you enjoy about the program? classes? lectures? staff? clients?

a: we love the early morning hikes in the mountains and buttes. I enjoy the atmosphere of excitement AND passion for being the best version of US that WE can be! wE ENJOYED THE structured classes, and helpful lectures about fitness and nutrition, the test results and what they mean to me individually, and all the tools provided after we get home so that the success can continue and become the new mindset.


q: Favorite Class? What have been your favorite chef dishes?

a: wE don’t have a favorite class, WE like them all, although I do have A love/hate RELATIONSHIPS with some of them! 


Q: Favorite chef dishes?

a: As far as favorite dishes, Taco Tuesdays are fabulous! Salmon is served often and it is prepared in different delicious ways. Since my husband and I love salmon, I’ve taken pictures and made notes about the preparation of those dishes. We also loved the bowl that tasted like a chipotle chicken bowl. The omelets are also exceptional!


q: What advice would you give others contemplating attending the program?

a: If you are serious about losing weight and getting fit, you are willing to put a lot of energy into the workouts and you want tools to bring back home with you to make the change permanent, this is the place. Don’t come here if you want to attend a spa with optional fitness classes. This is a work-your-buns-off, sweaty kind of camp! Ladies don’t fix their hair or wear makeup here. You are going to be sore, you will need to hydrate. The benefits will be WORTH EVERY CALORIE YOU BURN!


q: What advice would you give to others? Quote? Statement?

a: “Invest in yourself”. The work you do at the camp and the knowledge you take home with you may just change your life and give you more quality time with your loved ones. It’s great to feel healthy with more energy.


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