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Another wonderful week full of spectacular results from a woman named Mandi, 52, an accountant from Montreal, Canada. Throughout her time here, Mandi was determined to get to her goals. Upon arrival, she expected to lose a certain number of pounds but exceeded that expectation. Thanks to an internet search, she was ready to change her lifestyle for the better, getting closer to her goals that she’s been so eager to reach. As a selling point for Mandi, she loved that we incorporated hiking into the program, “Hiking is something that I love. I found out that his place does it, so I thought that was awesome.”  


Mandi was a go-getter while she was here. She made sure to make every day count, and not let any opportunity fall through her fingers. By taking that first step into transitioning into her best self, Mandi had a past that caused her weight to fluctuate. She explains when she started to notice a weight change, “More than 12 years ago, I was more than 200 pounds. I started to lose weight and achieved 130 pounds. I’ve kept it off mostly. Only fluctuated five to 10 pounds. I exercised quite frequently, and then COVID happened. During COVID, I put back 35 to 40 pounds, reaching 170 pounds. After October 2022, I started to walk around my house. During covid, I lost all motivation. I didn’t work out for two and a half years. Thankfully, this March, I was 155.” 

While Mandi’s weight fluctuated, she described her nemesis in her fitness journey, “Portion control was my weakness. I don’t eat junk or drink. I have a big appetite. I love food. Food is my lover and my biggest enemy at the same time. But throughout my time here, I realized coffee may be terrible for me. I used to drink three to four cups of coffee a day. I work at home so drinking coffee frequently was easily accessible. I may need to change that.” 


Upon arrival, Mandi had some expectations on how much weight she wanted to lose within a week. She shares how surprised she was that she exceeded the weight loss, “I expected to lose five pounds. I was so surprised to have lost eight pounds. It’s so nice to feel that my pants are loose.” With the expectation being met and more, she explains that it’s more than what you see on the scale, “It’s not about the numbers but how I want to feel within myself. The number doesn’t tell the whole story. Moving forward, I want to achieve 130 or 140 pounds without fluctuation with lean muscle.” 


As Mandi vulnerably shared, she struggled with food portion control, she shared what the key factor of her success was while at Live in Fitness, “The food and the balance of macronutrients. The cardio aspect as well. Overall, the balance between all aspects complements each other. This program made me work beyond my comfort zone. What is awesome, I was at a 6.5 speed on the treadmill when that’s never happened before!” 


Mandi shares what she enjoyed the most about the program, “I’m surprised that I’ve become a family with the clients. I like the motivation and encouragement from my fellow teammates. The environment is perfect. In the end, we are all here to achieve something, but everyone is helping each other in different ways. The classes were great. My top three classes were Cardio Circuits, Eric’s signature Flexibility and Mobility Bootcamp, and Spin. My favorite meal was taco Tuesday!” 

As a lasting word of wisdom from someone who completed the program, Mandi shares the best way to get ready, “Be prepared to work hard. Don’t just sit there, get going. You deserve to see the results, but there is no excuse to not work hard for it. Whatever made you sign up in the program, keep the eye on that reason why.” 


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