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Mila, a 69-year-old woman from Los Angeles, California, has dedicated eight weeks to improving her overall well-being. In one week, she has lost a total of 12 pounds. She is determined to duplicate that number in her second week. Here is her story.


Mila found Live in Fitness from an online search. “I was searching here in California and throughout the country. I called a few places. But I’ve felt the most comfortable speaking with Jermaine—such a nice man. With the special going on, the price was right. The selling point for me was the facility. There were pictures online and I loved that there were so many, different fitness levels that were attending the program. Ultimately, it felt like home.” 


Before deciding to make that lifestyle change, Mila noticed her weight going on for over 20 years, “Little by little, I saw the weight gain. I was on different weight loss programs such as Weight Watchers. Somehow, I would lose the weight but always gain it right back. For the past several years, I couldn’t do it. I knew, besides my family doctor, and cardiologist, I had to lose weight. When I got serious for a summer, I did not pull through. No weight was lost. In November, I had two weeks arranged to go to Italy. It was grueling because we did 12 cities, and I couldn’t do all of them. I had no endurance. I noticed I needed professional help. I had to admit to myself that I needed to improve my fitness, and possibly have my meals cooked for me for me to reach success. That’s the reason why I picked Live in Fitness. They provided all these that were so important to me.” 


“My weight gain made me feel terrible. I couldn’t keep up with the others who were touring Italy. While everyone did the activities, I had to stay in the bus or a coffee shop, waiting for them. On certain days, I could participate in the activities. But overall, I could not get most of the experience that I paid for. But my biggest enemy was food portions. I eat healthy. I cook and buy my food. But my portion sizes were either double or triple what I’m eating here. I used to eat without control. I ate whatever I felt. Throughout the day, I would hardly eat anything or feel hungry, but by the time I would come home in the evenings, I would binge eat.” 

Overcoming her past, Mila has done an awesome job getting closer to her goal. She shares how she feels about her progress thus far, “Very satisfied. With my losing weight, with the customized program I have, with the adjustments that I’m having to take, it’s all working for me. I go at my own pace and do what I can.”


“Everything in this program has worked in favor of me. The exercises and the balanced meals. I love the variety of it. I like that I don’t have to stay on the same machines during a class. There are so many different classes that are put into the schedule, I love that. I love to walk and swim. These activities give me high-calorie burns. I love dancing. I love the circuits. I love the stretching. Even though I am limited in what I do, I feel a lot better. I am still adjusting to being able to do everything. So, I will be patient with the process. The food is great. My favorite dishes are the shrimp fried rice, salmon with vegetables and salmon, and the blueberry strawberry salad. Jason does a wonderful job.”


Mila shares her opinion on how Eric, the CEO of Live in Fitness, philosophies and approach to fitness and coaching are vital to the program, “I love it because, by nature, I’m a positive person. I love his lectures and affirmations. I’ve been doing these affirmations to myself. Positivity is my motto. I love the environment here. It’s a boost to my life. Fitclubtv is great. I will be using this aftercare program when I leave Live in Fitness.” 


For those who are still on the fence about attending this program, a true lifestyle changer, Mila shares her victories that could be your own as well, “Definitely come and join, this is a wonderful place to take care of your health and fitness. Your fitness will improve. Personally, my health issues such as my blood pressure and high cholesterol are not becoming an issue. They have gone down exponentially since eating right and exercising daily. This is the place to be. I am glad I chose to come here.” 


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