“The classes and energy are contagious!”


Tyler, 21, from Maricopa, Arizona came to Live in Fitness hoping to get closer to his goal. In his first week, this enthusiastic gentleman, eager to reach his goals, lost 14 pounds of fat! Tyler is an example that if you put in hard work daily, you will get the results. He is taking his life into his own hands and making his dreams come true. Here is his story. 


Tyler came about Live in Fitness from an influencer who attended the program last summer. While watching this video on Youtube, he was intrigued by this camp, “It sparked my interest. It looked like a challenge, very well thought out. This program would be the best opportunity to move me up in life. I wanted to lose weight. I wanted to be immersed in a positive environment, to be put into an awesome mindset. I decided to come to Live in Fitness a month later.”

Tyler shares a little of his past, “I’m here for a reset. In my senior year of high school, I was 250 pounds. I could never get under 220. I had bad eating habits and even though I worked out a lot, participating in sports, I could not take the fat off. I would constantly eat and order from Doordash. At my last job, I was eating bread, which we all know, has a lot of carbs. With my weight, I always achieved a plateau when I would get down to 220 pounds. I could never surpass that number. So, it was super frustrating to be at that spot and only fluctuate two pounds above or below.” 


Tyler explains further what his biggest struggles were, “Motivation was my biggest struggle. I didn’t care about getting to my goals. My athletic ability was already superior even being the biggest on my team. My knowledge about nutrition and how to eat balanced and properly was nonexistent. I would order fast food every day. I would never cook. My parents would ask me if I wanted a quesadilla or a grilled cheese, I would say no, and the solution would always be ordering out. Doordash was my best friend. Going home, I want to introduce to my family on how to properly balance macronutrients so we can all start eating better and healthier. I hope they will keep me accountable by also eating the same way I want to be.”

Before coming to this result-based program, all newcomers have expectations. When Tyler arrived his expectations were spot on, “It’s all that I expected it to be, to be challenging. This program, although it is tailored and customized to you, no matter what level you are, you can go at your pace. Pace in the level that you are in but also keep striving to be your best self. To perform exponentially better than the day before. The nutrition is perfect. This whole program is mapped out. When you work hard, you are deserving of the results and gains you get. I hope, that by the time I’m done here, I want to be down 30 to 40 pounds.”


By having youth on his side, Tyler has been making huge leaps towards making his goal a reality. He describes how he feels about his progress thus far, “Great. I feel good. I feel better. I have more mobility and more flexibility. When I flex in the mirror, I can see my veins and I feel ecstatic in what I see. There are overall great, new improvements to my body. This just motivates me to keep going and to shoot for the stars.


Eric, the president of Live in Fitness, has implemented his philosophies and approach to fitness and coaching that has benefitted thousands of people who come through these doors. As Tyler chooses to change his lifestyle, he shares his opinion on Eric’s ideals, “Overall good. He explains it well and the coaches echo what he says so you’re getting Eric’s philosophies on all sides. During the classes, the coaches are reiterating these ideas. It works.


“I enjoy the program. The classes and the energy are contagious. The motivational aspect of it is what keeps me going. I like the camaraderie. It’s always a positive time. The food is awesome. My favorite is Taco Tuesday and the quesadilla we had today was fire.”


As a lasting piece of advice for anyone out there who wants a true lifestyle change, Tyler encourages those who are still on the fence, “Keep a positive mindset coming into it, knowing that you’ll come into a lot of care. The trainers will help you and guide you through. This program is for you to get better, to stay determined, to stay strong.

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